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Dissertation topics on content marketing

Here is a list of topics for a dissertation about content marketing: content marketing versus traditional advertising, content marketing and consumer behavior, etc.

Dissertation topics on content marketing

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Topic 1 - Content marketing versus traditional advertising

This topic compares the two types of marketing, one older and therefore more traditional, and the other newer, called content marketing.

The candidate must, first of all, define the two concepts, giving specific examples for each of them, its history and its development over the years.

How can content marketing replace traditional advertising, and what are its benefits for businesses?

The aim will be to highlight the current economic context, with the various changes that the advertising world has experienced in recent years. Also, talk about people's behavior in relation to an advertisement that had to change so as not to be considered too intrusive.

Another part can be devoted to the implementation of content marketing, with its advantages, possible disadvantages and specific examples of brands that have used it.

Topic 2 - Content Marketing and Consumer Behavior

We are talking here about content marketing and its link with consumer behavior at the start of 2021.

How can content marketing help target consumers' purchasing behavior more?

First of all, talk about the marketing in question, with its history, its evolution and the perception of customers today. What more does it bring to older methods, and why are they no longer relevant today?

Also, talk about the purchasing behavior of consumers, which has also undergone profound changes. Social networks, blogs, new technologies. Talk about the necessary adaptation of the advertising world to continue to attract the youngest buyers.

Topic 3 - Content Marketing and Social Media

Social media occupy a very important place in the development of business marketing strategies. Indeed, more than 80% of the population visit social networks every day across all platforms.

How can social networks greatly influence content marketing?

The candidate will be able to support his reflection on the usefulness of social media today in marketing. Take specific examples of brands. Talk about the influence of these networks, why they genuinely help brands without seeming too intrusive in the way they manage advertising.

What is the behavior of Internet users towards these media and their content? What is the evolution of this behavior and why are social networks taking such a place in the lives of consumers today?

Topic 4 - Link between performance and development of content marketing

Companies today have various means of communication to promote their products and digital marketing has become the preferred way to reach a larger target.

Why is it relevant to know how to measure the performance of content marketing?

Talking about performance, giving definitions, what this notion implies for the survival of a brand. Give examples of brands that have been successful in creating good content marketing, and analyze that same brand.

Also, talk about performance indicators, how to measure the effectiveness of such marketing and why it is important to always listen to these results.

Also analyze the competition, understand how to set specific goals in the face of competition from other brands, and how content marketing can help a brand's success.

Topic 5 - The theme of the environment in content marketing

All brands today have obligations from an environmental point of view. Indeed, the new regulations are very strict on the subject and moreover, having a real ecological conscience has become over time a real asset for companies.

How has the protection of the environment become fundamental in the creation of content marketing?

Give the stages of content marketing, its definition, how it is put forward and how it works.

Also, talk about its relationship with the environment which is not always very positive, in particular, because of the explosion of content published on the Internet. Talk about brands' commitment to the planet and what to do to make this type of marketing as harmless as possible in the future. What are the actions to be implemented, and why?

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