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Dissertation topics on employee loyalty

In recent years, employee loyalty has become one of the priorities for companies, in fact, competition is increasingly fierce in all sectors of activity. Companies, therefore, have an interest in avoiding excess turnover among the members of their teams.

Dissertation topics on employee loyalty

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Topic 1 - Employee loyalty and corporate culture

This topic deals with the concepts of loyalty and corporate culture. Indeed, corporate culture is anything that relates to a company's own identity and can, therefore, play a role in team loyalty.

Problem: how is the corporate culture beneficial to the loyalty of the payroll?

The first step is to define the concepts involved. What do we mean by loyalty? What is corporate culture? Give the main characteristics of this culture and its link both with the performance of the company and with the employees and their well-being.

Also, make a possible comparison between sectors and understand the challenges of good loyalty. How to retain employees over the long term?

Topic 2 - Employee loyalty and company performance

Who says successful loyalty also means well-being in the company and, therefore, a probable increase in performance.

Problem: how is the performance of a group subject to team loyalty and their well-being?

Define the concepts involved and establish a link between loyalty and well-being. Talk about self-fulfillment, refer to Maslow's pyramid, which helps define the needs of employees.

How do companies retain their employees? What are the various means to counter competition, even with regard to employees? Why do companies have every interest in retaining employees to increase their performance? What are the performance indicators of a company?

Topic 3 - Employee loyalty in the mass distribution sector

This is about making the link between loyalty and mass distribution, which at first glance is far from simple. Indeed, in 2021, mass distribution is one of the sectors with the highest turnover.

Problem: how is the loyalty of employees from mass distribution essential for the brand's image and an increase in the number of customers?

Define the concepts and give the characteristics of large-scale distribution at the salary level. Talk about sometimes difficult working conditions and ways to retain employees.

Also, talk about the challenges of this loyalty in the fight against competition and on the image of the brand. Large distributions do not always have a good reputation in the eyes of consumers, especially in terms of salaries.

Why is it important to retain teams in this type of service? What impact on customer satisfaction?

Topic 4 - The challenges of employee loyalty

For businesses today, there are many challenges at all levels. Indeed, the competition is vast, and the customers have an increasingly important negotiating power.

Problem: what are the challenges of successful employee loyalty?

Give the definition of loyalty, talk about the differences that can be found between companies. What are the main loyalty tools, and how important are they in helping employees want to stay with the company?

Talk about the salary, but also the working conditions, the pressure undergone, the well-being, and also the management style.

Establish a link between management and team loyalty. In 2021, what is a good manager? What are the expectations of employees in terms of management?

Also, talk about the skills of employees and their recognition by the hierarchy.

Topic 5 - Employee loyalty and luxury brands

This is the specific case of luxury brands. Indeed, this is a sector where the pressure on employees can be increased, due to the demand for quality in all areas.

Problem: why is it sometimes more complex to retain employees in luxury brands? Why is this essential for the future and the reputation of the group?

Talk about the luxury market, its numbers and its characteristics. What are the working conditions of employees in these companies? Give several examples of great luxury houses.

What are the challenges for these groups, what relationship do employees forge with increasingly demanding customers? What are the loyalty levers in luxury?

What are the expectations of employees in a world where perfection must be second nature and where the right to make mistakes is very limited?

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