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Dissertation topics on female leadership

Here we will give you some ideas of themes for a dissertation studying female leadership.

Dissertation topics on female leadership

Photo Credit: Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko

Topic 1 - Women leaders: asserting your position within the company

The topic of gender equality in companies is still relevant, even in the 21st century, and women still seem to have more and more things to prove compared to their male colleagues.

Problem: how can women in managerial positions assert their position in the team?

First of all, talk about gender equality and how it is perceived today by employees and consumers in general. What are the characteristics that distinguish men and women in positions of power, how does each behave? Should women be more respected and, if so, why? Also, address the theme of women and their relationship to performance.

Topic 2 - Social representations of the place of women leaders at work: differences between cultures

The aim here is to highlight cultural differences and the way in which woman leaders are perceived in the different countries.

Problem: how does the difference in culture impact the vision of female leadership?

Deal with some cultures where the outlook is different, three or four maximum. Give the different approaches to leadership, talk about personality and behaviors.

What are the recent studies on the subject? How to understand the notion of power according to cultures?

Topic 3 - The influence of the professional environment on female leadership

Not all professional circles have the same codes or the same influences. The youngest and most dynamic companies will necessarily always remain more modern than the oldest ones.

Problem: how does the professional environment influence the presence of women in power in a company?

Talk about the differences between companies, fields of activity and seniority or dynamism. Talk about the differences that may exist between men and women in the same managerial position. Provide the literature reviews that deal with leadership over the century, with the weight of stereotypes in particular or social constructions.
What are the effects of gender on leadership?

Where does society stand with female managers in today’s world?

Topic 4 - Representation of women in a leadership position: attention, listening and consensus building

A difference is sometimes made by employees in the way they approach the presence of a woman as a leader of a group.

Problem: how can the presence of a woman in a leadership position reassure or, on the contrary, worry employees?

How is the woman leader perceived by her colleagues. What are the differences between women and men in terms of power and management? What are the qualities specific to each, and how do the French generally react to a woman leader? What about the potential discrimination that still exists today or stereotypes?


Topic 5 - Women leaders in a male environment: the weight of stereotypes in 2021

There are still what we call men's circles today. This is particularly the case for legal professions, or even certain construction companies, road transport, where women are still struggling to find their place despite the passing years.

Problem: how is the weight of stereotypes still present in 2021 in particular sectors of activity?

The question is how to fight prejudice. How is the female leader perceived in a world that has always been, or almost always, that of men?

What are the developments in society on the subject? It would be interesting to compare with other companies, which are also different ways of living. How does France position itself on the subject vis-à-vis other countries?

Sources : Village justice, La finance pour tous, Forbes, Dumas, Erudit

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