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Dissertation topics on green marketing

How is sustainable development beneficial to the use of greener marketing on a daily basis? How to use communication in the implementation of green marketing? Here you will find some ideas for a dissertation studying green marketing.

Dissertation topics on green marketing

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Topic 1 - Marketing and its link to sustainable development

The concepts involved are those of marketing and sustainable development. Over the years, they have become closer and closer, with any business looking to implement greener marketing.

Problem: how is sustainable development beneficial to the use of greener marketing on a daily basis?

Talk about sustainable development in companies, ecological products and their impact on consumer choice. Also, deal with greener communication and everything relating to the environment and its protection in the actions carried out by the groups. Give specific examples.

Topic 2 - Communication and green marketing

The two concepts have been linked for a short time, especially since communication and sustainable development can be seen as sometimes contradictory concepts.

Problem: how to use communication in the implementation of green marketing?

Talk about business communication methods, their impact on green marketing, and their usefulness. Talk about awareness factors in companies and what exactly is meant by green marketing. What are its advantages and disadvantages? What are the differences with more traditional marketing?

Topic 3 - New technologies and ecology in companies for more responsible marketing

These two notions are paradoxical, new technologies are often not compatible with ecology. The constructions of men on the planet to allow the development and operation of new technologies clearly appear to be in contradiction.

Problem: how to combine new technologies and ecology within companies as part of more responsible marketing?

Talk about the concept of green marketing, define the nuances and responsibilities of each player in the context of environmental protection. What new technologies are used, and how do they serve the objectives of green marketing on a daily basis?


Topic 4 - Reconciling the ecological argument in a new green marketing

The ecological argument has become essential in companies, both for managers and for new candidates from the younger generations, who are increasingly interested in the ecological question.

Problem: how are ecological arguments essential for the well-being of a company and the development of more reliable marketing?

Talk about consumers and their new vision of advertising communication. Why do the old ways no longer work? How to implement more responsible marketing, and for what objectives? How to combine ecological objectives and commercial objectives? What influence does ecology have on consumers and on business partners?

Topic 5 - Green marketing: a real issue or a fad?

The question that many consumers or even professionals ask is whether green marketing is just a trend of the moment or a real commitment.

Problem: is green marketing a new way of considering communication or a purely commercial opportunity?

Talk about the contributions of green marketing compared to traditional marketing. What are the changes? How is green marketing defined? Give examples of green marketing campaigns and their influence on the merits of the company.

Why do some people call green marketing an opportunistic method?

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