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Dissertation topics on management and business administration

The question of management and administration of companies is a question essential to the success of groups, regardless of the field of activity.
The topics below can be treated as part of a research master's or a professional master's, even if having more concrete references and experiences is a sure value for the validation of a diploma. Within the framework of a traditional research master's degree, it is interesting to punctuate the work with examples of companies to better illustrate one's remarks.

Dissertation topics on management and business administration

Credit Photo : Pexels Nataliya Vaitkevich


Topic 1 - Management and new technologies

Administration and management are two concepts that are intended to be very similar in the business world, and both of which have been strongly impacted by the development of new technologies and, more particularly, digitization.

Problem: how have new technologies helped companies in their management methods and their organizational skills?

Define the concepts involved, say exactly what is meant by management and organizations, and what new technologies have appeared in the world of work. How have they been beneficial for this organization, and how have they impacted the entire management world?

How is a group organized today, according to its field of activity and according to its size? Talk about competition, how to fight it and all the competitive advantages that new technologies can bring.

Topic 2 - The differences in management according to the size of the companies

The organization in administrations and management in companies depends a lot on the size of the latter. Indeed, an organization can sometimes be more problematic in a small company because even if there are fewer tasks, qualified personnel can also be lacking, with many collaborators having to be more and more versatile.

Problem: how can the size of companies modify management and organizational capacities in administrations?

Discuss the different sizes of business, citing examples for each.

What are the differences in administrations, and how should management adapt to organizations? Why is management so important in the success of teams?

Topic 3 - Intergenerational management

In business administration, a lot has changed over the years. Indeed, for the first time, groups find themselves in a situation where many generations have to live together within teams, which is not always easy to manage.

Problem: how can generational differences in a business be considered an opportunity for business success?

Present these multiple generations and explain why they all come together at some point in the labor market. Also give the differences between generations, and how this impacts the organization of the entire administration, both in recruitment and management methods.

How do generational differences manage to give a more dynamic image of a group and convey more long-term values? How are these companies progressing, whether in the field of training as in that of change?

Topic 4 - Human resources management and corporate governance

The two concepts discussed here are those of human resources management and corporate governance. They are both closely related since each company must have a more efficient HR department to be able to master the dynamics of a company's success.

Problem: why should corporate governance be able to count on an efficient HR department in achieving long-term success objectives?

Discuss about the concept of HR, its objectives, and roles that are different from those before, dealing with their new responsibilities, new challenges, and ever-increasing competition, forcing companies to pay more and more attention to employees and their expectations.

What is also the role of corporate governance? How can the function be associated with that of motivation and performance?

Topic 5 - Employee mobility, management and organization

The suggested topic deals with mobility, something that became topical a few years ago. Mobility brings about another form of management and organization in company administrations.

Problem: how do companies manage the mobility of their employees, and how do management methods differ during more mobile contracts?

Define the concepts involved, and describe what changes occur in management when employees have to change countries, for example, for the needs of the company.

How does the organization of the group work in terms of administration? What changes compared to other companies where the employees stay in place? What are the characteristics of the employees who are chosen to represent a company abroad, and why? What are the challenges for the group?

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