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Dissertation topics on remote work

The following is a non-exhaustive list of subjects for the preparation of a dissertation on remote work: maintaining employee motivation, internal communication and remote work.

Dissertation topics on remote work

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Topic 1 - Remote work and maintaining employee motivation

The notion of remote work has become widespread since the start of the crisis, the professional world and working methods having indeed been severely impacted by the health crisis.

Problem: how to manage to keep motivation intact while working from home? How is this motivation essential for the continuity of the company's performance?

First, give the main definitions, that of remote work and that of motivation. Talk about what has changed in the professional world and the psychological side of these changes for a large number of employees. Dealing with the importance of motivation, its relationship with the well-being of employees, but also with the performance of a group. Finally, talk about methods that allow you to keep motivation intact despite a troubling situation.

Topic 2 - Internal communication and remote work

Luckily, modes of communication have changed a lot, and even when employees work from home, they can come into contact with their company at any time.

Problem: how does good internal communication guarantee better employee motivation?

The first part can be devoted to the definitions and the links which exist between the concepts. In another part talk about the link between communication, involvement and motivation of employees. Also, give the advantages for employees of maintaining regular contact with their co-workers and not only with their manager. Finally, talk about the different modes of communication, and the link with new technologies and with company performance.

Topic 3 - Psychological well-being of employees: depression and remote work

The topics to be defined here are well-being at work and the link between depression and telework. Since the start of the health crisis and the successive confinements, a large number of employees have felt lost, and the rate of people with depression has also greatly increased.

Problem: how can remotely work promote depression in certain employees, and how to maintain psychological well-being despite the current crisis?

The first part deals with the link between well-being at work and performance, as well as the link between telework and depression. How to avoid episodes of depression? What is the manager's role? Talk about internal communication and employee involvement, how can you give teleworkers enough motivation to allow them to feel useful within the company?

Topic 4 - Telecommuting and performance

This topic is about remote work and performance. Two themes which are linked, especially now, when the health crisis is far from over.

Problem: how can remote work be a driver of performance?

To answer this question, the candidate can talk about remote work as a whole and give its main advantages. Also give the definition of performance, as well as the new work habits which today govern the professional lives of thousands of employees.
What is the role of the manager? How is it possible to improve performance in new work habits that must be governed by learning autonomy and confidence?

Topic 5 - Perception of evaluation by teleworkers

This topic is about evaluation and remote work. To improve company performance and ensure that work gets done despite the distance, managers have implemented a control system. However, this system is not always well received by employees.

Problem: how to set up an effective and non-intrusive control system for teleworkers?

Define the different management methods and a fortiori of possible evaluations. Establish the link between controls, performance, trust and employee well-being. How do workers view the controls to which they are subject? What is the point of maintaining open communication with your team to get their feedback?
What is the role of trust in management and in remote work? What is the correct organization to meet business requirements and performance?

Sources: Grenoble EM, Sociabble, Global Watch, Qualtrics, Culture RH

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