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Dissertation topics on the digitalization of points of sale

List of examples of themes and questions for a dissertation on the digital transformation of points of sale.

The digitalization of points of sale

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 ubject 1 - Digitalization of points of sale and customer relations
Subject 2 - Purchasing behaviours and digitization
Subject 3 - Digitalization of brands and marketing
Subject 4 - External communication and digitization
Subject 5 - The link between digital and performance

Subject 1 - Digitalization of points of sale and customer relations

The relationship with customers has been greatly impacted by the digitization of brands, regardless of the sector of activity.

Problem: how do companies manage to manage this new customer relationship?

Give the definition of digitalization, and customer relations, how the brands have managed the differences between the old system and the new one. Also, make the link with the health crisis, which has further led the points of sale to evolve in terms of relationship with the customer.

What are the behaviours of customers in the face of this digitalization? How do companies manage to retain them? What new means have been put in place?

Subject 2 - Purchasing behaviours and digitization

Digitalization has brought about new ways of looking at the sale of products and consequently has also brought about new purchasing behaviours.

Problem: how has digitization significantly changed the behaviour of consumers when shopping?

Analyze purchasing behaviour before and after digitalization. Give the advantages and disadvantages of this digitalization and also give the differences that there may be between consumers. All generations do not behave in the same way when faced with these novelties.

Talk about new technologies, marketing and new modes of communication that are linked to these new behaviours.

Subject 3 - Digitalization of brands and marketing

Marketing has changed a lot in recent years. Even if the old methods persist, they are gradually giving way to a new type of marketing, more powerful and far more efficient.

Problem: why is new marketing essential for points of sale? How can it help to gain acceptance for the complete digitalization of retailers?

Give the main definitions of digitalization and its effects on trade, and more generally on the economy, but also marketing new features present in 2021.

Give the different types of marketing, analyze them, also give precise illustrations of the brands that use them. Make the link with customer relations, satisfaction, but also with loyalty. All of which has a clear relationship with the performance and success of these points of sale.

Subject 4 - External communication and digitalization

External communication has played an essential role in point of sale marketing, especially since the beginnings of digitalization.

Problem: how will better communication have a positive impact on the performance of points of sale?

After having defined the concepts involved, the candidate can highlight all the communication methods that exist today. Draw a parallel with the old ones and give the main advantages and disadvantages of the relationship with the consumer. Also, talk about social networks, what they bring to a brand and why. How to interest consumers in an era where competition is omnipresent?

Subject 5 - The link between digital and performance

It goes without saying that the digitalization of companies has forced them to develop new marketing strategies.

Problem: how is digitalization an asset for the success of companies?

Define the term performance and its different meanings in the professional world? How is it measured? What strategies do point of sale use to appeal to online consumers and generate better numbers?

Sources : Coheris, Wellcom Ludosln, Empreinte digitale

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