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Example of SWOT analysis with Twitter

Internal and external environment positive and negative factors analysis of Twitter in 2022 : strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Example of SWOT analysis with Twitter

Credit Photo : Twitter SWOT analysis on Oboolo

Twitter is a social network that was launched in 2006, in the United States, and more specifically in San Francisco. The site has 330 million monthly active users worldwide, and 206 million people use the service daily. In 2020, due to the health crisis and successive confinements, there was a peak in users. In 2022, rumours surfaced that billionaire Elon Musk had bought Twitter for the sum of 44 billion dollars. However, this takeover is currently in question, it would seem that Elon Musk has said that he will not buy Twitter if it turns out that the company has more than 5% of inactive accounts.
The social network has 16.1 million active users in France and 5.19 million daily users. The site is in 44th place out of the 50 most visited sites in France. It should also be noted that 38.5% of Internet users regis-tered on the site are between 25 and 35 years old, and 20.7% are between 35 and 50 years old. There are also more males than females registered overall; 56.4% are men against 43.6% women. The average time spent on the site is 10 minutes per day, which is a much lower average than that found among competitors. Twitter has been downloaded 22 million times since the start of 2022, and 82% of businesses use the site to promote their products and/or services. Every day, 500 million tweets get sent, or 5.787 per second. About 68% of consumers say they made a purchasing decision after seeing the product or service in question on the site.


Twitter has a considerable influence on marketing and on the world of information in general. Hashtag movements are known to be able to deal with the various inequalities as well as the injustices encountered in the world. Some of these campaigns have shown great effectiveness. It should also be noted that Twitter's clientele is generally loyal, the most influential users are followed by several million subscribers. The site has recorded an increasingly strong market share over the years, with revenues exceeding 3.46 billion in revenue per year. Twitter offers its user base a large number of products, such as Periscope, Magic Pony, Gnip, Lightwell, or Tap commerce. There are also a lot of fun and innovative features, which help the group to increase its notori-ety. As far as the world of information and current affairs is concerned, Twitter remains one of the favourite applications of the French.


The site must pay particular attention to its algorithms, security is one of the essential concerns of users and, more generally, of Internet us-ers. Some are dissatisfied, believing that their data is not sufficiently protected, but it is clear that all social networks are experiencing this same problem. In addition, Twitter is very dependent on the American market, which can be a weakness in terms of its profitability in other countries in the longterm. The advertisements are prevalent and the whole site lacks diversification, especially when compared to other net-works. The costs are high, this is also a threat to its profitability.


Online stores are very active on the application, which represents a real opportunity for the network. Indeed, consumers are increasingly tempt-ed by the influence of users of this type of site, and many of them buy a product or subscribe to a service based on what they have read about it on the Net. Twitter's functionalities have developed over the years, that also makes it much more attractive to Internet users. The platform also offers facilities and solutions for remote work, with numerous partnerships with companies. Potential candidates can, therefore, get in touch with professionals and thus facilitate their job search. For several years, social networks have been considered to be one of the main job search levers in the world. Note also that Twitter broadcasts videos and publishes photos as well as music. Conversations are protected and the information is more relevant than on other sites.


Twitter is threatened first of all by very strong competition. Indeed, in France, registrations tend to be more numerous on more diversified platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Tik Tok. For a large number of Internet users, Twitter appears above all as a more "serious" network, or in any case, more based on information and the dissemination of news. In addition, freedom of expression is sometimes threat-ened, especially in authoritarian and military governments, as well as in all countries where a dictatorship reigns. Sites like Twitter can quickly be banned. Twitter has an inequality of powers of influence. In 2022, 10% of the top users are responsible for more than 80% of the tweets broadcast. Finally, Twitter, like all other networks, is subject to stricter laws, which obliges them to strengthen all of their security systems and to pay particular attention to cyber-harassment or other abuses.

Twitter is, therefore, one of the social networks best suited to instant communication. The platform has multiple uses, but the majority of us-ers connect to it to have current and accurate information on the news. In the professional field it seems that more and more companies are using the platform to prepare for meetings and be aware of job offers. Twitter remains a great way for personalities to make their voices heard, whether political or artistic. The site has made it possible to de-fend many causes. Thanks to it, and all social networks, consumers can come together and act to defend a cause or an idea and thus de-nounce injustices.

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