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Great essay topics in marketing communication

As students, we not only have to write an essay at the end of the year, we also have to find an awesome topic, to begin with. This topic has to be interesting to us, but more importantly to our professor. For us, so that we can happily work on it, for our professor so that he does not get bored when reading it.

Essay topics in marketing communication

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It is not always easy to get started when you are sitting in front of a blank page. Don't worry, here is a list of great essay topics in marketing communication for you to consider.

There are three factors to consider before selecting your topic. These three factors are the key to a successful essay:

1. You have to be interested in the topic
2. You must meet the academic requirements
3. Your career goal once this essay is written

When you choose a topic for your essay:

a. Apply the knowledge you have acquired studying
b. Always keep an analytical mind
c. Value yourself and show your skills

List of essay topics in marketing communication

1. How to create and implement a communication strategy for a new company?
How to define the target audience? How to choose a communication channel that is best suited to your audience?

2. Online marketing communication: how does it impact consumers' day-to-day life?
What are the channels used? Are the effects positive or negative? For the company? For the consumers?

3. Digital marketing and consumer behaviour trends.
What are the trends to consider?

4. Social media and its importance in marketing today.
What social media are there? What are the most popular platforms used today by consumers and companies? How do companies use them?

5. Brands and their relationship to influencers.
How do brands select influencers? What kind of relationship do they build? What are the pros and cons for companies and influencers?

6. How did COVID-19 affect companies communication?
What are the impacts on internal and external communication?

7. How to deal with digital consumers?
Who are they? What are the marketing strategies to use?

8. Digital transformation and customer experience.
How can digital transformation improve customer experience?

9. Consumer behaviour, marketing and new products.
What is consumer behaviour? How to understand and analyse it?

10. Influencer marketing and Millennials.
What are the impacts of influencers on Millennials? How to reach Millennials?

11. Celebrity endorsement.
What is celebrity endorsement? Why and how does it work? How to get celebrity endorsements? How is it different to influencer marketing?

12. What are the best practices in mobile marketing?
Who are the targets? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

13. What is Uber Eats communication strategy?
How does the brand reach its target (customers and restaurants)?

14. Why does Netflix's social media strategy work?
What is Netflix's strategy?

15. How to use storytelling to strengthen a brand?
What is storytelling? Why should it be a priority for brands?

16. Tourism and marketing
How to build an effective communication strategy nowadays, with Covid-19?

17. How to promote bio-based products?
Who is the target audience and how to reach consumers?

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