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Internal and External Diagnosis - AriZona

AriZona Beverage Company is one of the world's largest flavored, tea-based and energy drinks companies. The company was created in the 1970s by John Ferolito and Don Vultaggi. The AriZona brand saw the light of day in the 1990s, and quickly achieved great success. In just a few years, it became the best-selling American brand of tea-based drinks. Its head office is based in Woodbury, United States.


Credit Photo : AriZona

The brand's bottles and cans are now sold all over the world. Easily recognizable with their colorful and motley designs. The group's turnover is estimated at $ 3 billion for the year 2017, out of a total of $ 6 billion for all tea-based drinks that year. Its main competitor is Lipton, with its IceTea or Liptonic type drinks.

We carry out an internal diagnosis of the company, first of all, by mainly identifying its absolute strengths and weaknesses. In the second part, we will carry out an external diagnosis, highlighting the opportunities and threats that weigh on AriZona in the context of its market.

Internal diagnosis

The main strengths of the AriZona group are now its market share, its sales volume, its almost global presence, its reputation and its brand image. The group benefits from the good image attributed to tea-based drinks, which suffer less from the bad reputation of sodas and other sugary drinks. In addition, the group benefits from an extensive distribution network in supermarkets and many retailers, facilitating access to its products. AriZona products are easy to find in supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, for example.

AriZona also benefits from expertise in the segment of tea-based drinks and energy drinks, which has enabled it to maintain its leadership position for some thirty years in this segment.

The group's weaknesses mainly relate to the small extent of its product portfolio as well as its dependence on the raw material “tea”. Its still very limited positioning in the segment of low-sugar or sugar-free drinks can also be identified as a weakness, the trend being towards a decrease in the consumption of sugary or processed products. The group's communication remains relatively confidential, and product knowledge on the part of consumers could be greatly improved through effective communication campaigns.

External diagnosis

AriZona Beverage Company is the undisputed leader in its market. The group seems to benefit from the good image of its products and its brand, in particular, due to the use of natural, vegan ingredients, etc. The group could continue its growth by developing its segment of less sweetened and healthier drinks, this corresponding to one of the main growth segments of the market today.

AriZona has been heavily impacted by the COVID crisis and government decisions relating to the pandemic. AriZona drinks are in fact mostly consumed outside the home, and this consumption has, therefore, been greatly reduced since the spring of 2020. The end of the COVID crisis should represent a new opportunity for the group and should allow it to resume growth with difficult months. In addition, the COVID crisis has complicated supplies and disrupted logistics circuits, the raw materials being mainly imported from India and other countries in Central Asia. Finally, the brand is likely to be impacted by the economic crisis and the reduction in spending by certain consumers facing financial difficulties. Since sugary drinks are considered pleasurable drinks, they can easily be omitted from consumers wanting to save money.

The AriZona brand has carved out a comfortable place for itself as a world leader in the tea-based beverage segment. The group has certainly been impacted by the COVID crisis, but the resumption of travel and the reopening of bars and restaurants should allow it to return to the sales levels recorded before the crisis. The group seems to still have a bright future ahead of it.


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