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Marketing essay topics: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Here are a few topics to help you write your essay about Customer relationship management (CRM): customer relationship and digitalisation in companies, customer relationship in the luxury industry, business ethics and customer relationship and customer digital experience.

Customer Relationship Management

Photo Credit: Unsplash Charles Deluvio

Topic 1 - Customer relationship and digitalisation in companies
Topic 2 - Customer relationship in the luxury industry
Topic 3 - Business ethics and customer relationship
Topic 4 - Customer digital experience

Topic 1 - Customer relationship and digitalisation in companies

There are two notions here, the first one, customer relationship is the key to success for a company, whereas the second is a new trend. Although it is a recent trend, it affects almost every industry.

How can digitalisation affect a customers relationship within a company?

In this type of essay, one should emphasise the pros and the cons of digitalisation as far as customer relationships are concerned.

Topic 2 - Customer relationship in the luxury industry

The luxury industry deals with a particular clientele, with its own needs and expectations. You can highlight the fact that at first, luxury brands were reluctant to digitalise as it did not align with the image of the industry. However, as customers have evolved these changes became necessary for these brands.

How can digitalisation affect luxury brands? What are the differences between other industries?

One should also analyse who these new consumers are and their consumption habits, also study Millennials and Gen Z, who are highly connected. Moreover, one should draw a parallel between customer loyalty and renowned luxury brands.

Topic 3 - Business ethics and customer relationship

Business ethics are essential to a company for its notoriety, it is part of the corporate culture.

How can a company's ethics be an advantage to the customer relationship? How a company's ethics are perceived by the customers in the long run?

One should specify the notion of ethics, the notion of corporate culture and customer relationship, then define how those are linked together by giving concrete examples and figures.

You can also shed light on the fact that the stronger the ethics are, the happier and more satisfied the customers are, which is a very important asset in the digital age.

Topic 4 - Customer digital experience

Customer digital experience is a key process in the digital age as the customer's whole process on the internet is rated by consumers.

Indeed, customers want fluid and rapid access to what they need, whether we are talking about accessing their shopping cart, the payment process and delivery options.

How can a customer's digital experience influence their decision-making process? How to create a personalised experience for the customer?

One should first define the stages of the decision-making process, then give an example of several experiences from different brands and analyse what the differences and the similarities are, keeping in mind the customers' needs and expectations. One can explain the different steps of customers experience on the internet.

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