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Marketing mix example of a videoconferencing application: Zoom

Zoom was founded in 2011, has been growing significantly in the past few years, and particularly from 2020 and the Covid crisis. Here is its 7P marketing mix.

Marketing mix Zoom

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Zoom is an American company founded by Eric Yuan in 2011. His favourite field is videoconferencing. The company offers a solution for professionals concerning online video, chat, and remote meetings. Over time, multiple applications have developed, and the group has grown significantly in the space of a few years. In 2020, in particular, Zoom greatly increased its number of customers since successive confinements forced companies to close their doors in order to accommodate teleworking. Today, the platform has more than 550,000 customers, with a turnover that has increased by more than 300% with the health crisis. In 2022, the turnover exceeded one billion dollars (1.02 billion). The group also bought Five 9 for the sum of 14.7 billion dollars. Customers have contributed in excess of $100,000, and products have gradually grown, such as Zoom Apps and Zoom Events.

In this article, we will study the 7P marketing mix of the platform. This analysis provides a better understanding of the group's environment and may be relevant in the event of a change in marketing strategy, in particular, or when developing new services.


Zoom is a platform specialising in solutions dedicated to videoconferencing and messaging for all types of media. It is mainly dedicated to professionals and was greatly developed during the health crisis in 2020. Zoom Meeting allows all participants to synchronise easily, thanks to a reliable calendar system. The service is also available through mobile apps, which have grown in number over time. Meetings and HD videos can highlight up to 1000 participants, who can share their content and co-annotate, if necessary, for greater efficiency. Recordings and transcripts of meetings are also available, as well as group chats. The main products are, therefore, Zoom One, which offers virtual meetings or telephone systems. Zoom Spaces, with connected rooms and workspaces. Zoom Events, with platforms specialising in events or community events, and finally, Zoom Contact Centre, which is the contact centre in the cloud.


The rates are different and higher or lower depending on the services. The basic service is free and includes 40 minutes of meetings with a maximum of 100 participants. Three whiteboards are included, as well as messaging and the calendar. The professional service is 139.90 euros per year per person. Which includes 30hrs per meeting, 100 participants maximum, and other services, including cloud storage. The business package is 189.90 euros per year and per person, with 300 participants and other additional services. Finally, the business services include several tariffs.
The site offers a complete guide so that interested parties can compare the different formulas.

Communication (Promotion)

The group uses the net and social networks a lot for its communication. The group puts forward a strategy focused on the ease of use of the platform and its practicality for all companies. The platform has also put forward advertising posters and is an active partner of sports teams such as the NBA, in particular.

The distribution (Place)

Zoom can be used on all types of media, such as laptops, but also tablets and smartphones. Mobile applications have gradually developed as Internet users are spending more and more time on their smartphones in 2023. Thus, the applications are available on all operating systems.

The staff (People)

Zoom has a team of 6,100 employees, with 10 offices present internationally in 35 countries. In the space of two years, the platform has grown considerably. The majority of employees are teleworking, and more than 98% of those who stay on-site have a position with an essential presence on the site. Zoom tries to position the human being at the centre of the concerns in its HR marketing, with a majority of employees who prefer a more hybrid work environment, with a division between teleworking and face-to-face.


Processes are important in order to improve the quality of service. Zoom has a set of services and products that remain intangible. Therefore, compliance with standards and regulations is more necessary than ever. Security is part of the process. It is a consequence of the number of registrations. Internet users can very easily register on the platform with the formula chosen beforehand. Customer services are available to guide them in their choice if necessary.

Physical evidence

Zoom's figures are characteristic of its success, and social networks, as well as many articles on the net, can testify to the development of the company and the number of subscribers, which continues to grow. Zoom may have had some problems with privacy and data security, but the group works with the view to constant improvement and does not hesitate to prove that the results are indeed present. Today, Zoom is one of the most used platforms in the world of teleworking.


Zoom has, in the space of just a few years, become one of the main players in the world of online meetings and videoconferencing. The numerical results show a clear increase in the group's profits, which has managed to find a place among its main competitors, such as Skype or Teams, in particular. The group is diversifying by developing a large number of mobile applications which are compatible with all operating systems. In a context where teleworking has become widespread, Zoom, which is present in more than 35 countries around the world, still has a promising future ahead of it.

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