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4C marketing mix replacing 4P, an example with Apple

4C marketing is gradually replacing 4P analysis in marketing. Indeed, this analysis is in line with the theory of positioning.

Proofreading - 4C marketing mix, and an example with Apple

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With the objective of establishing a more effective strategy for companies in order to enable them to be more competitive in the long term. Indeed, in all sectors of activity, the competition is often very important, which obliges the leaders to establish different kinds of analyses in order to better know the competitors in question, but also the customers.

In this article, we will see what 4C marketing consists of and the main differences from the 4P. We will use the example of the American giant  Apple to illustrate our remarks.

Explanation of 4C marketing, the differences with the 4P

Initially, the 4P marketing consisted of four strategic points, which were the product (product), the price (price), the distribution (place) and finally, the promotion (promotion).

With the 4Cs, the objective is to pay more attention to the customers, their expectations and also their needs. Many studies have indeed proven that for a brand to be fully competitive, it is absolutely necessary for it to be closer to its customers and that it understands them better because their expectations have changed a lot in recent years regarding customer relations. Thus, 4C marketing is composed of the needs of the customer, the first C is relative to the concept of consumers. It is a question of knowing what the needs of each of the customers are,  trying to personalise the customer experience as much as possible, and how to meet these needs while taking into account the competition. It is now one of the only ways for brands to strengthen their competitiveness.

The second C is the cost because it is important to know which budget is best suited to the client's means. Indeed, consumers have a stronger bargaining power today than they did twenty years ago because of the rise in competition. Thus, brands must calculate the acceptable cost for a product. Know how much a customer is willing to spend on such a product or service.

The third C is about shopping convenience, i.e. how to make shopping easier for a large majority of customers? This is an essential question today, especially since new technologies have taken precedence over everything else, and companies cannot do without them. However, this does not prevent making the process as easy and smooth as possible so that customers do not look elsewhere.

Finally, the last C corresponds to communication, which plays an increasingly essential role in the marketing of companies. Indeed, the means of communication have evolved a lot in recent years, and it is in the interest of companies to know the habits of their customers and consumers in general in terms of communication. If the internet and social networks have become essential to the life of consumers, they are now just as essential for brands, who use them to stay closer to their customers.

Apple 4C Marketing Example

Apple is an American company known and renowned worldwide. Especially for the manufacture of hi-tech equipment such as computers, phones and tablets as well as various external solutions and services.


The customer is at the heart of the group's strategy, which also makes use of the users of its products to establish marketing based on the need to have the brand's products and on the customer experience. The vast majority of photos and videos taken to enhance the site are taken by users of the products in question. For Apple, the goal is to make marketing more “real".


Apple is renowned for its prices, which are higher than those offered by the competition. Nevertheless, the iPhone still remains today one of the most sold products in the whole world. The most loyal customers are generally willing to spend more to obtain a product from the range. However, for several years, the group has been offering less expensive versions of its products in order to broaden its clientele as much as possible and be more competitive.

Customer convenience

Apple offers its products and services directly on the group's site and at a large number of distributors. This greatly facilitates the experience of the customer, who can also choose to pay in instalments at no cost for his equipment. Apple also offers the return of old devices to promote recycling operations around the world.


Apple has a very accomplished communication strategy. Indeed, the group puts forward events to make known the products before their release. The main objective of the company is to make these products indispensable even before their official release. Before the events, Apple hardly communicates about new products, leaving bloggers to start rumours. The group is also present on all social networks, where communities of users and fans have been created.


Establishing analyses to better determine their positioning both vis-à-vis the competition and vis-à-vis the customers has become a priority for companies that have to face an increase in competition in all areas of activity. The old model of 4P marketing did not sufficiently take into account the real needs and expectations of customers, yet all brands must make customers their main concern. Thanks to the 4Cs, it is easier to understand how customers feel about purchasing and thus better understand their motivations or obstacles to purchasing.