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Oreo Marketing Analysis - Marketing mix, 4P

Available in over 100 countries, Oreo is one of the most popular brands for cookie consumers. Founded by the National Biscuit Company in 1912, Oreo is now the leading cookie company, and its popular cookie associated with chocolate sandwiches is the best-selling worldwide with 34 billion in sales per year, of which 11 billion are in the United States. Since the creation of the brand, the company has sold over 550 billion cookies.

Oreo Marketing Analysis - Marketing mix, 4P

Credit Photo : Unsplash Israel Albornoz


Oreo's marketing strategy

Oreo's marketing strategy allows the brand to communicate with its audience and target by implementing innovative marketing actions. It uses various means, online and offline, to reach its consumers and market its products. These actions include content marketing which has been used by Oreo to reach the minds of customers. Indeed, so that Internet users can identify with the brand and engage with it, Oreo ensures that the content published on the Internet is exclusive and easily accessible. In fact, for the launch of its new "Rainbow" cookie, Oreo has partnered with an association supporting LGBT people to attract the attention of customers and generate awareness. The aim of the brand is to convey sweet messages to consumers.

On the other hand, to ensure its entry into a market, the Oreo brand uses a penetration strategy that involves launching a new product at a low price to attract the target audience. Once the product has become popular in the market, the price increases. This strategy has been very beneficial for the brand, and it has achieved very good results.

Marketing mix


Oreo is the leader in the cookie industry. It is a brand present in many countries around the world. The chocolate sandwich is one of the brand's main products, and it consists of two chocolate cookies separated by a cream filling. This cookie can also be personalized according to the target audience. Indeed, the Oreo brand has launched many varieties to meet the needs of its customers. We find these products in different forms and flavors. However, this variety of products is not available in all countries where the brand is present. They are generally available in countries such as the United States, while in India, there is very little variety of flavors, but the brand is making an effort by experimenting with other flavors and launching chocolate and red velvet cookies.

Since the inception of the brand, Oreo has sold over 550 billion cookies worldwide. 

Here are some of the brand's product lines:

- Choc White Oreo
- Mini Oreo
- Choc milk Oreo
- Oreo Thins
- Double Oreo
- Oreo without sugar
Flavors: Orange ice cream, fruit punch, lemon, green tea


The brand faced strong competition, but it was able to face it and gain market share by offering valuable offers. Oreo opts for a pricing policy at average prices to be able to satisfy consumers in certain price-sensitive countries. The brand offers quality products at affordable prices, and this pricing strategy allows it to gain a higher market share and retain more consumers. After entering the market, its popularity increased sharply and the price of the products as well. In addition, with the variety of products offered and the wide choice of sizes, the prices are different and the brand has been able to achieve a better turnover.

Initially, in order to gain more market share in India, the Oreo brand opted for a pricing policy based on low prices, but eventually, as the products became so successful, the price is increased dramatically. Oreo also wanted to enter new markets, and initially, the company opted for a low price strategy in order to attract new consumers.

Place / Distribution

To ensure product availability to end customers, Oreo uses Mondelez's distribution network. There are manufacturing plants in all four corners of the world for the various products of the brand in order to meet the needs of consumers. The brand started operations in the UK and is now available in over 100 countries, including Ireland, the US, Canada, India and New Zealand.

As part of its distribution policy, the Oreo company's marketing and sales team ensure that products are available and sold through the most appropriate distribution channel, namely, in the most accessible stores for consumers. In most of the countries where the brand is present, the traditional channel used by it to transfer its products from factories to businesses such as retail outlets, shopping centers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, airports.

Promotion / Advertising

The Oreo brand has launched many innovative and creative marketing campaigns with different actions in order to interact with consumers and create a strong bond with them. The brand's target audiences are young people and children, which is why Oreo typically runs its ads on social media and TV. The brand constantly interacts with its subscribers on various social media platforms. When the Oreo brand was launched in the countries where it has established itself, several promotional actions were implemented particularly, in terms of displays and advertising campaigns. Social media has been a big contributor to the brand's popularity and reaching out to customers. In fact, many personalities and celebrities have supported the Oreo brand around the world. In addition, to interact with its consumers and highlight its community involvement, Oreo organizes and participates in various events.

The brand is generally associated with its flagship product, Dunk cookies with a strong flavour and a smooth cream. It can also be noted that the packaging design allows Oreo to stand out from its competitors and consumers to identify with the brand more easily.

Oreo is one of the leading cookie companies around the world. Having products highly appreciated by consumers, the brand has implemented a changing and aggressive marketing strategy with different campaigns and promotions. It is evident that its wide promotion also requires the use of certain communication channels such as visual media, print media, digital media.

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