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PESTEL Analysis, an example of a country - France

France is a country with an area of 643,801 km2. In 2021, the number of inhabitants is 67,422,241. Note also that the GDP growth is 1.50% per year. The currency has been the euro for over 20 years, and the life expectancy is 82 years. The President of the Republic is Emmanuel Macron.


Credit Photo : Unsplash Anthony DELANOIX



France is a country that occupies an important place at the world level, with a vast number of alliances abroad, which gives it notoriety and stability throughout the planet.
The country also has a key role in the European Union and is also a member of the United Nations. France has a strong historical presence with particular importance given to tourism in the political sector. Indeed, tourism is always one of the priorities of the policies, whatever the era or the time. Political stability is an opportunity for tourism, France being one of the most visited countries in the world.
Be careful, however, with everything relating to social problems, such as the various demonstrations (yellow vests, in particular) which can disrupt the smooth running and development of businesses and society in general, by highlighting inequalities in the  social order.


Economically, France is very well placed globally, in the top 15 countries. The main strengths of France are tourism, as we said above, but also trade and especially luxury. The automobile is also a very buoyant market in this region.
The modes of transport are also very sophisticated in 2021, France is one of the best-served countries in the world. The rail network is indeed renowned for its reliability.
As a result of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, the GDP has sharply decreased. This is due to the closure of many stores and various businesses during periods of containment.
France is also the commercial partner of many countries, with a very large number of internationally renowned French factories.


France is a resolutely modern country, which is gradually catching up with certain other countries. Indeed, new technologies play a large role in the lives of consumers, and this place will grow even more in the years to come.
France is a famous country, and French is also the second most learned language in the world, behind English.
The standard of living of the French is relatively high, but so is the unemployment rate. Inequalities are growing between those who have a strong purchasing power and those who must be satisfied with aid or others in order to survive. This is the case in many countries around the world, but it has become more pronounced with the health crisis.


France is an increasingly technologically advanced country. Electronic commerce has gradually taken a key place in the lives of French consumers.
In each field of activity, innovations are a vector of success and make it possible to generate market shares for companies. Innovations and dynamism also make it possible to counter competition which is increasingly present over the years.
The electric car, for example, has gradually seen the light of day in the region, as well as various innovations in the field of aerospace or telecommunications, in particular.


France is very concerned by the ecological question. With over 90 million tourists each year, the environmental impact is significant and should not be taken lightly. Indeed, the numerous infrastructures and other equipment, as well as transport, represent a real danger for the country in the long term.
In addition, we are witnessing a real ecological awareness, especially on the part of the youngest citizens, who wish to see a more radical change as a result of this health crisis, which has helped to awaken the inhabitants of the country and a fortiori the whole world.


At the legal level, France operates under a system of codes (penal, civil, commercial, labour, etc.)
The systems are made to come to the aid of the most disadvantaged, thanks to social protections, in particular, or to unemployment benefits, pensions, holidays, etc., even if the country is undergoing reforms on various subjects.
Consumers and online consumers are increasingly better protected, which facilitates purchases and, therefore, the economy.

France is a country whose reputation is well established, especially at the sociological and economic levels. The stability of the country makes it possible to make certain activities ever more flourishing, such as tourism in particular. A country of luxury par excellence, France has several large houses, which attracts buyers from all over the world and promotes online shopping. If on certain points, the country was a little behind at the technological level, the delay tends to be filled little by little. And many young people and various associations wish to integrate a true ecological conscience into the mind of all.

Sources: Eurydice, Ined

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