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Dissertation topics on social data

Social data refers to all the data that is generated by users themselves, on social networks, and actively. They are called UGC (User Generated Content). This may, for example, concern comments left by a user following the publication of content by a brand, writing an article on the Wikipedia platform, comments left on Tripadvisor, publications on YouTube, etc. Here we give you five ideas on social data.

Dissertation topics on social data

Credit Photo : Unsplash Sara KurfeB

Topic 1 - Social data and marketing

Problem: how is social data revolutionizing marketing?

It will be interesting here to show by what levers social data allows marketing to evolve, but also to what extent it forces it to change. Social data is indeed both an opportunity for marketing and a real threat, especially for large companies which obtain much more information about their customers, their desires, their tastes, their preferences. To ignore their expectations is to risk losing important markets, promoting competition and maintaining your brand image. Adapting is clearly the keyword, and this requires constant changes in marketing and in the modes of communication when it comes to social data.

Topic 2 - Social data and marketing

Problem: how to optimize the management of social data? The Orange case.

The Orange company understood very early and very quickly the importance of social data and its key role in effective marketing campaigns. They carried out several large-scale campaigns using social data, which have been rewarded with success. It will be interesting here to analyze the campaigns that have been developed and to see what their key success factors have been. We can also imagine interviews conducted with those responsible for social data at Orange, locally or nationally, to discuss with them their campaigns, their ideas, the difficulties they encountered and how they succeeded in bypassing them effectively.

Topic 3 - Social data and information collection

Problem: what are the levers for optimizing the management of social data for an SME?

Social data is a term that often frightens small and medium-sized businesses, which often consider themselves too little equipped and not having enough expertise in the field. However, there are several means available to SMEs to obtain, manage and even optimize social data in order to achieve its objectives. Of course, these levers will not be similar to those chosen and operated by multinationals such as Twitter, but it nevertheless seems important to study social data on a more local scale, that of an SME. For example, it will be interesting to use a concrete example of an SME that has selected a few social data elements that it wants to use and to see how these elements differ from those that could have been chosen by a larger company, for example.

Topic 4 - Social data and efficiency

Problem: social data: what for?

If social data is a term that is now easily shared and that is causing a lot of ink to flow, it still seems vague and sometimes difficult to fully understand what it is for. It nevertheless seems absolutely fascinating to us to understand and analyze all the implications created by this appearance and this exponential development of social data, and to understand concretely what its applications are. Here we can use several concrete examples of companies that resort to extensive use of social data, and which find undeniable advantages in marketing terms, in particular.

Topic 5 - Social data and its effectiveness

Problem: in what way is social data a necessary tool but not sufficient?

Social data is now seen and defined as essential by many companies. They are thus guaranteed to know and understand the customer journey, attempt to improve their customer experience and develop synergies from the information obtained. However, social data alone cannot be the cure for all ills, and it also has certain limitations. It will be interesting here to develop what these limits are, the difficulties encountered, the new challenges they present as well as the new costs incurred. It will be interesting to show how social data can, and must, be considered as an essential link in the value creation chain but cannot replace all the others and be considered as the only truly important one. Moreover, it will be interesting not to limit the analysis to only large multinational type companies but to detail the impacts and the analysis of legal structures and companies of various sizes to show the divergences in the impacts.

Sources : Talkwalker, Académie de Versailles, Digimind

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