Research paper topics for students: tourism

Here are a few topics to help you write your research paper: the benefit of tourism on the economy, different types of tourism and consumers, new technologies and digitalisation, the importance of social media in the tourism industry, tourism marketing.

Research paper topics in tourism

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Topic 1 - The benefit of tourism for the economy
Topic 2 - Different types of tourism and consumers
Topic 3 - Tourism, new technologies and digitalisation
Topic 4 - The importance of social media in the tourism industry
Topic 5 - Tourism marketing

Topic 1 - The benefit of tourism for the economy

The notions of tourism and economy are closely linked. Choose a country and explain the concepts and multiple forms of tourism in this country. Then define the economy in relation to tourism.

How can tourism benefit the economy of a country?

List the advantages of tourism from an economical point of view in the short run, medium run and the long run. The relationship between politics and tourism is obvious, so you can be brief.

Give examples of towns or districts that are popular in the tourism industry of your chosen country, do not forget to talk about the economical consequences.

Topic 2 - Different types of tourism and consumers

Various forms of tourism have developed as generations have evolved. Define tourism and analyse the evolution of the consumers' expectations over the years.

How can innovation attract consumers in the tourism industry?

Study the new generation of consumers and how they travel and want to travel. Present all forms of tourism, the pros and cons, and the reason why consumers are drawn to them.

It is important to emphasise one form of tourism, in particular, that attracts new generations of travellers. It is also interesting to give details about how research for innovations are made in this industry, how to attract consumers and what criteria travel agencies and other players use to achieve their goal.

Topic 3 - Tourism, new technologies and digitalisation

Almost every industry has experienced the rapid arrival of new technologies, which has deeply affected the way they work. Things have evolved in the tourism industry, nowadays consumers can select among a wide range of destinations, each more advanced than the next in terms of accommodation and equipment.

How can new technologies be essential to the tourism industry?

Highlight the different forms of tourism and the technologies used in each. You can provide examples or a case study.

Topic 4 - The importance of social media in the tourism industry

Social media has grown rapidly over the past few years and for good reason; an increasing number of people spend a lot of time on these platforms. This trend was quickly harnessed by the numerous business sectors to develop their image.

What are the benefits of social media for tourism today?

Define the various strategic roles of social media in the tourism industry and compare the industry, before and after they were introduced. Select one particular type of tourism and study how it is highlighted on the most used platform, eg. Facebook and Instagram.

Topic 5 - Tourism marketing

How does tourism marketing successfully gain market share in the tourism industry?

Start by listing various types of marketing and draw a parallel with the different forms of tourism. Each has its own marketing strategy which they deem to be most successful and most relevant.

Add a few lines on the role the internet and social media play in the strategies. Select a form of tourism and study its communication, marketing strategy, etc.

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