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SWOT Analysis example - Twitch

Twitch is an application that was created in 2011 and bought by the giant Amazon in 2014 for the sum of $ 970 million. The American giant was indeed very quickly interested in this company which offers a service of live videos and streaming, a very similar platform to YouTube, which is its main competitor.

SWOT Analysis example - Twitch

Credit Photo : Unsplash ELLA DON

Presentation of Twitch

The service further includes an online video game broadcast, as well as reruns of e-sports competitions.

At the end of 2010, the platform began to diversify by also offering more varied music and videos.

Twitch is an application that is breaking audience and downloads records in 2020. It should be noted that consumers have spent more time on the internet due to worldwide confinements.

2020, therefore, accounts for 5 billion hours of viewing for the site, or 83% more than in 2019. We also note an increase in viewing time of 67.6% and a number of visitors per day, which has increased to 17.5 million worldwide, including 1 million in France. The turnover generated by the site in 2019 was 1.54 billion dollars and exceeded 2 billion in 2020.

SWOT analysis


One of the main strengths of the site is its new notoriety, thanks to the time spent by Internet users on the web during the successive confinements, but also thanks to the diversification of the site, which has made it possible to generate profits and additional market share in the long term.

The group's relationship with the giant Amazon is also an essential force, a source of trust and quality for many consumers.

Video games have a large number of followers around the world, so success is there thanks to reruns of e-sports, still little known to the greater audience, but the use of which is tending to become widespread.

Finally, the application has a very effective security system. The site is rarely hacked, which is an essential element in the choice of Internet users.


The number of broadcasters is very high, so it is particularly difficult for newcomers to find a place. Many will therefore try to distribute their content to competitors.

There is also a time limit on how the videos are shown, which can be detrimental to the group in the long run.

Finally, the controversies over screen time, especially among the youngest users, are a weakness to be taken into account.


Twitch is a site that leaves a lot of room for news and innovation in general, which represents a real opportunity for success, especially in a society governed by intense competition.

The group also ensures a constant presence on social networks, which makes it possible to better understand the expectations and needs of consumers and to convey a certain form of dynamism, which is essential in this type of activity.

The threats

The first threat is competition, with groups like YouTube in particular or Dlive, as well as traditional streaming platforms.

Also, pay attention to content that may sometimes not be suitable for the youngest and for the safety of minors in the context of the fight against cybercrime.

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