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Webmarketing - Top 5 tools to manage social networks

There are so many different social platforms that it has become imperative to know how to manage your social networks. In order to manage the various account and create appealing content for its community, a community manager must have essential tools at their disposal. There are many platforms that allow you to administer your accounts, schedule publications and monitor the company's presence on social networks.

Top 5 tools to manage social networks

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Hootsuite is one of the most used tools by marketers. It is a social media management platform that brings together all the necessary marketing features. Marketing campaigns get created from a dashboard in a precise and complete way. Many options focus on administrating several social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn, planning publications, monitoring, and defining the audience. The previous results of a campaign are also accessible from the interface in order to have the information necessary to improve a strategy on social networks.
In addition, Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on multiple social networks at the desired date and time. The freemium package offers the possibility of managing 3 accounts simultaneously and schedule 30 messages in advance. Beyond its functionalities related to publication and programming, Hootsuite is also an analysis, monitoring and follow-up tool. In order to have access to all the options offered by the platform, it is possible to choose between 4 offers, namely, the Professional, Team, Business and Enterprise formula.


Buffer is a tool for scheduling and scheduling posts on major social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Posts can be scheduled and posted from the same dashboard. For Instagram, many features are available like hashtags, location and comment posting.
Buffer is one of the best interfaces, particularly for its ease of use and ergonomics. The interface is customisable and allows the user to obtain the engagement rate of Internet users thanks to the statistics of the publications, know the number of clicks and subscribers, interact with the comments, visualise the analyses and compile a report. The analytics tool tracks the performance of different social media accounts. The goal is to optimise results by determining the appropriate time to publish, the preferred content, and the frequency of publication.
Buffer has a free version that offers management of 3 accounts and programming of 10 posts per account. As for the paid version, there are 3 main packages: Publish Pro, Publish premium and Publish Business.


Agorapluse interface is mainly dedicated to managers of small and medium-sized businesses. It is not as well-known as Hootsuite or Buffer but includes very useful and powerful features, particularly  conversion rate and engagement. It is a professional tool that makes it easy to manage multiple social profiles on various social networks.
The platform is easily usable with solutions that allow interaction with comments, messages and mentions on the pages. An inbox is made available to the company that enables it to process and respond instantly to new conversations. This is a popular option for businesses that want to set up after-sales support for their social media pages.
Other useful features are also available such as traffic management, page comparison, brand monitoring, and the development of complete reports. In addition, users can access periodic reports. Agorapluse offers various features which are imperative in effectively managing a social media brand. The tool brings together all the options to cover all the requirements of a social media strategy.


Metricool is an interface that provides its user with various features, a multifunction tool, ranging from analysis to reporting. Marketing campaigns are managed from A to Z with features to provide an overview of the interactivity and progress of several accounts at once ( Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter), and advertisements published on Facebook Ads, Google My Business, Google Ads. Everything is centralised on a single interface.
An effective solution in terms of planning, management and optimisation of posts on social networks and reactions. The interface has a calendar to plan all the content on the different pages. It's also possible to schedule TikTok videos, Pinterest pins, and Twitter threads by the time with a feature that recommends the best times to post content.


Sproutsocial is a social media management tool that allows you to optimise a company's visibility by scheduling content at relevant times, accessing statistics and reports and having an overview of account management. It is a tool mainly used by professionals and large companies that have several marketing teams. It is possible to use it via a mobile application available on IOS or Android.
Thanks to the centralisation of messaging, comments, notifications, statistics and tools for creating and modifying content, users can manage their accounts and pages on social networks more easily. It is also possible to compare the actions performed with those performed by competitors.


There are many platforms for managing your presence on social networks. Whether content creation, publication scheduling, community interactions and reactions, community managers have valuable tools which allow them to do their job effectively.

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