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How to announce a plan in an essay introduction?

The announcement of the plan should allow the reader to understand the structure of your duty, the articulation of that. It is imperative to present the major parts of your development and its hierarchical organization in a synthetic way! Let's see in detail how to do it.

How to announce a plan in an essay introduction?

Photo Credit: How to announce a plan in an essay introduction?

It is not a question of saying everything but simply taking up the main idea of each part. In addition, it is necessary to be content to present the main parts and not the sub-parts. It is also important not to give highly detailed answers in the announcement but to keep those details for the future!

Remember that a plan can be organized in a dialectical way in 3 stages: thesis/antithesis/synthesis, it is suitable for subjects that invite the reader to discuss a point of view.

It can also be organized thematically. It is adapted to subjects that invite the reader to approach different facets of a question and allows a progressive deepening. Be careful not to confuse this with a frozen catalogue of arguments!

The plan can also be analytical. It must respect the following rule: observation or description of a situation/analysis of the causes/analysis of the consequences or solutions.

In general, it is important to remember that in a literary essay, three-part plans to build and conduct balanced thinking are preferable!

But then, how and where to announce the plan in its introduction?

The plan announcement is located at the end of the introduction, just after writing the issue.

Plan announcements still very often follow the following pattern for dialectical dissertation:

In order to answer the exposed problem, we propose to demonstrate first [the thesis]. Then, we will tackle the [antithesis] aspect. Finally, we will have to qualify these interpretations by returning to [synthesis, overrun].

Plan announcements for the thematic model can be presented as follows:

In order to answer the problem proposed for our reflection, we will study firstly [theme 1], secondly [theme 2], finally, we will support our reflection with [theme 3].

Regarding the analytical plan, here is the illustration of a plan:

In order to respond to the problem raised, we will first see [description of the situation], then our reflection will focus second on [analysis of the causes], and finally, we will study [the solutions or analysis of the consequences].

The announcement of the plan must be clear and explicit and contain logical connectors. Finally, if you want to organize your writing for your reader, it is necessary to present your sub-parts before each major part of the plan.

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