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Case study in Accounting

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29 Mar 2016

Group auditing: Tiger pride enterprises

Case study - 9 pages - Accounting

Conventionally, in auditing, a component is a business activity for which the group or component management provides financial information to be included in the financial statements of the group. Group financial statements refer to the combined aggregated financial statements of the...

17 Sep 2014

The incorporation of a company limited by shares as a form of corporate business organization

Case study - 15 pages - Accounting

There are a number of different business forms for each individual trader to hold and operate. However, the company limited by shares is the most popular form of business organization. A propriety company limited by shares may be a propriety (private) company or a public company limited by...

29 May 2014

Fly in Fly out Operation

Case study - 4 pages - Accounting

The findings of a 2011 census were that over 200,000 Australians are in occupations that require Long Distance Commutes (LDC). Of these, miners represent 25% or over 64,000 workers who commute long distance daily to their places of work. The mining industry is, therefore, one of the key...

18 Dec 2013

Apple Computer: Case study

Case study - 6 pages - Accounting

The iPhone basically provides its users with three features which include a mobile phone, an Internet device that can also be used for communication and an iPod that would allow its users to download and listen to music from the iTunes Music Store. The iPhone offers its users a different user...

27 Sep 2013

RIM's Marketing Strategy

Case study - 2 pages - Accounting

RIM or Research in Motion is now known as Blackberry, a world-renowned name in wireless technology, which has transformed the cellular phone industry with its innovative line of products. The company has more recently launched a new mobile handset, the Z10 and claims to overhaul the user's...

07 Sep 2012

The need for a balanced scorecard at MARSAMAROC 2012

Case study - 7 pages - Accounting

The Balanced Scorecard framework, proposed by Robert S. Kaplan and David A. Norton, is one of the most evident achievements of performance measurement revolution. Since 1980s many authors have realized the inadequacy of traditional performance measurement systems, based on traditional...

21 May 2012

International accounting

Case study - 6 pages - Accounting

“According to statistics from the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, the value of trading in foreign companies accounted for 9.75% of all trading on the major stock exchanges in 2002”. This citation, also part of the Tweedie, D. Article in the Northwestern Journal of International Law...

16 Feb 2011

The conceptual framework of the financial statements in IFRS

Case study - 10 pages - Accounting

In March 2002, the European Council (under EC Regulation 1606/2002 OJ of 11 September 2002) has made mandatory the application of international accounting standards for consolidated accounts of listed companies from January 1, 2005. All the international standards adopted by the ARC (Accounting...

16 Feb 2011

International standards of financial information (IFRS) and the concept of the right value

Case study - 5 pages - Accounting

The international financial environment is in constant transformation and hence, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has been implemented. The setting up of the IFRS is a logical revision of the international financial system, particularly following the collapse of Enron in...

28 Jun 2010

Review of Michelin's financial statements (2005)

Case study - 5 pages - Accounting

This study presents the financial statements of Michelin, which is a listed company in Paris. To obtain data for this analysis, we rely on the annual report of Michelin. This document has been prepared after careful consideration of the company's financial statements. It draws from the...

28 Jun 2010

The budgeting process at Carrefour

Case study - 4 pages - Accounting

The Carrefour Group, which is listed on the CAC 40, is a leader in European supermarkets. The Carrefour Group is not only well known throughout France but also in many parts of the world. This is the company we are interested in and have decided to contact. Carrefour was...

17 Aug 2009

A comparative financial analysis of the costs and benefits of a lease-purchase investment

Case study - 5 pages - Accounting

This report was prepared as a result of work performed by the accounting and finance department in response to management request to investigate the company's lease-purchase options for the IT department. The upgrade of our IT material and equipment is essential for Reunite Corporation to...