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16 Feb 2011

The tax on added-value (VAT)

Course material - 4 pages - Accounting

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on consumption that is paid by the consumer. The company is an intermediary between the consumer and the final state. The company acts as a collector of taxes, and VAT has no influence on the outcome. It is neither a burden nor a product for the company....

06 Oct 2010

Advanced corporate finance

Course material - 3 pages - Accounting

Stock A: ER = 5%, SD = 5%; Stock B: ER = 10%, SD = 10%; The correlation coefficient is 0.5. a) Show how you can create a portfolio with these two stocks which would have an ER of 8%. What is the SD of this portfolio? Formula : ?(Wa2 x oa2 + Wb2 x ob2...

28 Jun 2010

The relationship between taxation and accounting in France

Course material - 4 pages - Accounting

The relationship between accounting and taxation is critical for determining the tax on the profits of French companies, but understanding this relationship is difficult because of constant changes taking place accounting policies. Accounting is defined as the systematic recording,...

28 Jun 2010

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the concept of fair value

Course material - 4 pages - Accounting

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have been implemented against rapidly changing international financial standards. Their implementation is a logical revision of the international financial system, especially following the Enron affair in 2001. IFRSs are designed to...

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