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10 Sep 2015

Analysis : minimax portfolio choice based on pessimistic decision making

Book review - 1 pages - Finance

This paper entails the analysis of the article “Minimax: Portfolio Choice Based on Pessimistic Decision Making,” by Steffen Schaarschmidt and Peter Schanbacher. The objective of the paper was to propose a strategy on fund allocation for an investor who is highly risk-averse. The fund...

29 Sep 2010

Ben L. Kedia and Ananda Mukherji, Global managers: Developing a mindset from global competitiveness

Book review - 2 pages - Finance

Ben L. Kedia is a Director of the Wang Center for International Business Education and Ananda Mukherji is a Dirctor from ZoomInfo, the largest index of business people in the world (source: Wikipedia) . They emphasize in this article the huge importance of having skills other than technical...