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29 Sep 2010

A report on the market "Sukuk"

Market study - 9 pages - Finance

Global capital markets have long been functioning without Islamic components. Only recently have they been subject to the emergence of a new dimension: the sukuk (Islamic Bond) market. The sukuk market has experienced a spectacular growth since 2001 in the Middle East, supported by ultra-high...

01 Apr 2009

Market analysis of IPO business in India

Market study - 27 pages - Finance

Like several other goods, which require a market place for buyers & sellers to come together, shares, too need a market where they can be sold & bought. The markets where shares are sold bought are either primary market or secondary market. The primary stock market is the place where the new...

12 Sep 2007

A Financial Comparison between Biogen and Corixa

Market study - 2 pages - Finance

Based on the ratios in Appendix A, it seems that Biogen does not have a high profitability. The values of the ROE, ROA, and Earnings per Share ratios are all negative, and the Profit Margin ratio is only 1.2884%; however, when compared to its competitor, Corixa Corporation, these numbers...