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16 Sep 2016

Financial anomalies and behavioral finance

Presentation - 25 pages - Finance

A market in which prices of all securities quickly and fully reflects all available information. OR The market operating on the hypothesis known as Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) that states the securities markets are efficient with the prices of securities reflecting their...

16 Jun 2009

Foreign exchange markets (12 slides)

Presentation - 4 pages - Finance

Forex market is an over the counter market, through which we can convert one country's currency into another. Participants like market makers, brokers, corporate and individual customers are physically separated from each other. A Forex trader can work from home or office at his chosen hours of...

12 May 2009

Private equity: India Vs China

Presentation - 40 pages - Finance

Private Equity is when a firm's shares are held privately and not traded in the public markets. PE includes shares in both mature private companies and, as venture capital in newly started businesses. As it is less liquid than publicly traded equity, investors in private equity expect on an...

12 May 2009

How well is the business doing? Evaluating a firm's financial condition

Presentation - 130 pages - Finance

The presentation will first talk about the purpose of financial analysis before moving on to the techniques and financial ratios. It will also show how to understand if the company is running a risk of liquidity. It will then talk about current ratios and liquidity of current assets. There will...

12 May 2009

Credit rating in India

Presentation - 28 pages - Finance

The credit market in India has been growing steadily since the advent of the reforms process at the beginning of the nineties. Indian credit Market is the third largest in the world, after Japan and South Korea, in terms of primary issues of debt. Historically when a loan was given or a...

12 May 2009

A presentation on mutual funds

Presentation - 31 pages - Finance

The presentation is designed to give you a general idea about the way mutual funds work. SOme of the aspect that will be covered are what mutual funds are, the growth of mutual funds, why it is a smart idea to invest in mutual funds, etc. The presentation will also talk about the drawbacks of...

05 May 2009

The importance and application of value chain analysis in business - (17 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Finance

An organized creative approach aimed at identifying unnecessary costs and eliminating the same from the system without affecting the functional utility, guarantee and safety performance. A study on the factors determining value. The stages through which the return of investment varies is another...

29 Apr 2009

Banking services marketing

Presentation - 22 pages - Finance

Banks are the most significant Bodies in the financial market. Dominated by public sector Banks, the Industry has so far acted as an efficient partner in the growth and the development of the country. An essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people....

29 Apr 2009

Global capital markets IT strategy and road map

Presentation - 17 pages - Finance

This top 10 Bank was facing large inefficiencies in its systems that supported foreign exchange, treasury and derivatives trading activities. The current system infrastructure included costly and inefficient manual processing, ineffective risk management capabilities and impeded the ability to...

29 Apr 2009

A presentation on how to make dividend decision (20 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Finance

Dividend is a distribution to shareholders out of profits or reserves available for this purpose. The divided policy refers to the policy concerning quantum of profits to be distributed as dividend. Dividends are distributed to shareholders only when the board of directors declare them. The...

29 Apr 2009

A presentation on capital structures (26 Slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Finance

Capital denotes the long-term funds of the firm. Long-term funds of the firms are financed by two major components, i.e., debt capital and equity capital. Mix of long-term debt and equity maintained by the firm is called capital structure. Financial structure includes both, long-term as well as...

29 Apr 2009

Capital structure and firm value (13 slides)

Presentation - 13 pages - Finance

Capitalization is a quantitative aspect of financial planning of an enterprise, which refers to the total amount of securities issued by a company. Capital Structure is concerned with the qualitative aspect, which refers to the kinds of securities and the proportionate amounts that make up...

16 Jan 2009

Nature and the role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Ireland, China and India (2005)

Presentation - 31 pages - Finance

Through an efficient allocation of money because they are implemented. In countries where the education system and the facilities are well designed for LUCAS. DUNNING's OLI paradigm (ownership, location, internalization: The advantages of the firm become the country's ones. FDI can be considered...