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06 Apr 2009

The stock exchange and the big industries of India

Dissertation - 39 pages - Finance

Stock market is a broad term, which involves a number of markets in which securities are brought and sold. Stock markets often rise and fall. Before knowing why the stock markets are so volatile, let us understand about stock market and the investment options available to a potential investor....

06 Apr 2009

Compliance requirements for stock brokers: The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd

Dissertation - 42 pages - Finance

One of the most dynamic fields of business is the Capital Market. It is considered one of the most promising markets in the world. This is because of the sea change that the market has undergone from the early 90's. The market is now automated, transparent and self-driven. The Indian Financial...

03 Apr 2009

The impact of FIIs on Indian National stock exchange and how effective the Government is in Liberalizing and controlling the National Stock exchange?

Dissertation - 40 pages - Finance

The intention of this research was to examine the impact of Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) on the Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE). To achieve the aims, the following objectives have been determined to study how FII plays an important role in National stock exchange; to study the...

26 Mar 2009

External commercial borrowing

Dissertation - 31 pages - Finance

The basic objective of the research project is to explore all the possible sources of raising a foreign currency loan and compare the cost advantages for the corporate on raising such a loan. The project also studies the available hedging mechanisms for the borrowing corporate; to protect it from...

25 Mar 2009

A critical analysis of the investment patterns of people: A study of Standard Chartered mutual fund

Dissertation - 72 pages - Finance

Mutual funds are one of the most important segments of the financial system of the country. The financial system consists of financial institutions, banks, investment bodies, the capital market and money market intermediary instrument used in the capital market through which money resources are...

23 Mar 2009

Operational risk management: Implementing a Bayesian Network for foreign exchange and money market settlement

Dissertation - 114 pages - Finance

Recent Financial scandals in the banking industry have caused considerable attention to be focused on operational risk. This is because an analysis of some of these scandals reveals that the underlying causes of these huge Financial losses are due to Operational Risk (OR) and not to credit or...

20 Mar 2009

Future of the commodity markets in India

Dissertation - 30 pages - Finance

Commodity market in India till the last decade was not a major investment option as compared to the capital markets. The commodities market had its presence in the early 1960's, but later on the trading in the commodity markets was banned due to the scarcity of many commodities. The trading in...

20 Mar 2009

McDowell & Company Ltd

Dissertation - 55 pages - Finance

The corporate exposure and learning program was undertaken at McDowell and company limited. McDowell's consolidated its position as the No.1 Company in the highly competitive Indian spirits industry with a market share of 26%. The company sold 21.22 million cases during the year and has...

19 Mar 2009

A study of primary markets in India

Dissertation - 44 pages - Finance

The financial assets comprises of banking Accounts, pension funds, Provident fund, Mutual fund, shares, debentures and other securities. A capital market deals in financial assets, excluding coin & Currency. Capital market is a medium for mobilizing the finance out of the savings of the community...

13 Mar 2009

General awareness about mutual funds

Dissertation - 56 pages - Finance

The concept of ‘Mutual Funds' is to make different investment avenues available to investors. Mutual funds also offer good investment opportunities to the investors. Like all investments, they carry certain risks. The investors should compare the risks and expected yields after adjustment of...

12 Mar 2009

Foreign exchange market in India with NPR Finance Ltd

Dissertation - 59 pages - Finance

The Foreign exchange market is a market for converting the currency of one country into that of another country. An exchange rate is simply the rate at which one currency is converted into another. Without the foreign exchange market, international trade and international investment on the scale...

05 Mar 2009

Mutual funds

Dissertation - 47 pages - Finance

A Mutual Fund is the ideal investment vehicle for today's complex and modern financial scenario. Markets for equity shares, bonds, and other fixed instruments. Price changes in these are driven by global events occurring in faraway places. A typical individual is unlikely to have the knowledge,...

05 Mar 2009

Analysis of risk and return of mutual fund schemes at Standard Chartered Mutual Funds

Dissertation - 34 pages - Finance

Balancing of funds which includes issuing & collecting of funds in any economy is very important. There are many financial products in india, not only for balancing but also to provide liquidity for ideal capital, such as bank deposits, NSS savings, securities, insurance etc., which have some...

05 Mar 2009


Dissertation - 28 pages - Finance

Life insurance is a necessity and not an investment. There is no substitute for life cover, none whatsoever, it is the only mean of providing security to your near and dear ones against your untimely death or to yourself against your old age. The yield on investment is of no importance. The...

15 Jun 2008

The Ethical Finance Between Paradigm and Paradox

Dissertation - 84 pages - Finance

Linked with morals, with deontology and right, ethics is a reflection towards the research of the Good, a moving concept by essence. What deserves, nowadays, such an imminent questioning on ethics? Because of the increased pressure of the governments, increasing awareness of the organizations...

29 Nov 2006

Estimating market risk premium using Markov switching : Tunisian Case

Dissertation - 97 pages - Finance

The general increase in volatility of the …nancial markets can be partly explained by the growing uncertainly of the economic environment. It is, on the other hand, a reflection of the growing efficiency and integration of the financial markets allow the almostinstantaneous move of capital...

11 Jul 2006

Mergers and Acquisitions: reasons and consequences at the international market

Dissertation - 40 pages - Finance

The paper deals with the issue of mergers and acquisitions on the western market, viewing the topic from the standpoint of their failure and success. The subject is an extremely important one at present, as, on the one side, there is a trend towards major international mergers and acquisitions...