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28 Feb 2011

Financial analysis: Case LVMH

Dissertation - 4 pages - Finance

LVMH is the world's leading brand in the luxury sector. It is based in Paris and possesses more than 60 sub companies which include Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Christian Dior perfumes, Guerlain. Each company functions more or less autonomously. These companies operate in five major activities that...

16 Feb 2011

Improving the Tunisian financial market by adopting the international reference frame in terms of reporting with the aid of IAS/IFRS

Dissertation - 45 pages - Finance

The deterioration of the reputation of major players in financial markets (banking, insurance, financial institutions) has created a crisis of confidence without precedent with lasting consequences for all economic actors today and they are difficult to measure. In this context of high...

09 Feb 2011

The introduction of Islamic banking in France: A research on the potential market for retail Islamic banking

Dissertation - 37 pages - Finance

This study provides an assessment on the current problems and progresses made in France for the introduction of Islamic banking into its economy and contains an evaluation and an analysis of the potential market for Islamic retail banks in France. The research is divided into two...

29 Sep 2010

How far did the fair value principle contribute to accelerate the credit crisis in France?

Dissertation - 46 pages - Finance

The IFRS or the International Financial Reporting Standards are one element of the globalization of the world economy. The stated objectives of the IASB or the International Accounting Standards Board are: (a) "to formulate and publish in the public interest, accounting standards to be observed...

29 Sep 2010

Mergers & Acquisitions and value creation for the shareholders

Dissertation - 34 pages - Finance

2008 was hit by one of the worst financial crisis in history and also by the record number of cancelled Mergers & Acquisitions. According to Dealogic, the financial data provider, the whole value of the transactions for 2008 comes to 3.280 billions of dollars which represents a decrease of...

29 Sep 2010

The financial crisis and its consequences on the German financial system

Dissertation - 27 pages - Finance

The triggering element of the present financial crisis was the real-estate crisis in the United States. The crisis began with certain indifference in 2006, but then it reached its peak during the second semester of 2008. This was when we observed, day after day, a fall in prices of shares,...

29 Sep 2010

The growing impact of operational risks and its application to banks

Dissertation - 70 pages - Finance

Since their implementation in the banks in January 2007, operational risks are considered a main point of the strategy of banks. Operational risks are defined as “the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events1.” The...

29 Sep 2010

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs): Reactions of Developed Countries

Dissertation - 70 pages - Finance

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) have attracted increasing attention during the last few years, mainly due to their intervention in the rescue of the American and European financial systems. This intervention came at a time when the other financial systems were in a financial and economic turmoil....

29 Sep 2010

The banking risk management

Dissertation - 36 pages - Finance

The risk of diversification is a basic precept of the banking activity. A big part of the large banking failures was due, in a way or another, to a concentration of the credit risk. The banking controlling authorities have, at all times, strongly encouraged the banks placed under their...

29 Sep 2010

The consequences of the financial crisis on theory and practical aspects of asset management

Dissertation - 55 pages - Finance

2007 is going down in history with the subprime phenomenon which came as a surprise to all market observers. According to P. Artus, Director of the Economic Research at Natixis , the word subprime was mentioned in 6,000 articles in the international press in 2006, 32,000 during the first 6...

29 Sep 2010

A Dutch-French comparative corporate cultures survey through the study of the financing structures of two key-sectors multinational companies: KPN v. France Telecom; Royal Dutch Shell v. Total

Dissertation - 36 pages - Finance

The main cultural assumption in this research paper is about, the French corporate culture once being Latin-like and the Dutch one having been German-like, both the corporate culture of France and the Netherlands firms are converging towards the Anglo-Saxon model. In order to confirm or not the...

17 Jun 2009

Working capital management at Britannia Industries Ltd

Dissertation - 40 pages - Finance

Finance function is a core function in any organization. I financial management is that managerial activity which is concerned with planning and counseling of firm's financial resources. One such area of financial management is "Working Capital" and management of this is known as "Working...

26 May 2009

The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the retail industry in India

Dissertation - 102 pages - Finance

Retailing is the largest private industry in India and second largest employer after agriculture. Retailers not only provide consumers with a wide variety of products, but also a wide range of complementary services such as assurance of products delivery which can lead to more informed choice and...

21 May 2009

Creating an application for proper implementation of wealth management

Dissertation - 101 pages - Finance

“ Without order nothing would exist, without chaos nothing would evolve “. As the saying goes nothing would evolve without chaos and nothing would exist without order, the same applies in the areas of business. Something new comes into the market to bring order and safety in the markets...

10 May 2009

The importance of plastic money in today's scenario

Dissertation - 69 pages - Finance

Financial cards witnessed a robust growth in India in 2002-03. The number of cards in circulation increased by almost 50 per cent. The growth in transaction value, at 95 per cent, was even more spectacular. These results are attributable to the thriving economy which led to a large increase in...

10 May 2009

Foreign institutional investors and the Indian capital market

Dissertation - 61 pages - Finance

Foreign investment refers to investments made by the residents of a country in the financial assets and production processes of another country. After the opening up of the borders for capital movement, these investments have grown in leaps and bounds. The effect of foreign investment, however,...

29 Apr 2009

What is asset based financing?

Dissertation - 42 pages - Finance

ABF is a financing method that is driven by the assets of companies. Assets include current assets, such as accounts receivables and inventory, and fixed assets, such as plant and machinery. ABF allows an SME to utilize its own assets to meet its short, medium and long term funding needs. Asset...

21 Apr 2009

Study of dematerialization in India: Indiabulls Securities

Dissertation - 53 pages - Finance

A widely neither distributed nor such distress followed so quickly on the heels 1the equity brokerage industry in India is one of the oldest in the Asia region. India had an active stock market for about 150 years that played a significant role in developing risk markets as also promoting...

21 Apr 2009

Working capital management

Dissertation - 39 pages - Finance

According to Weston and Brigham working capital refers to the firm's investment, its shorter current assets and short term securities accounting receivables and inventory. According to the Guttmann and Doug all working capital is excess of current assets over liabilities. According to the Shubin...

20 Apr 2009

Performance of NBFC's in Indiabulls

Dissertation - 45 pages - Finance

Non-banking Financial Institutions carry out financing activities but their resources are not directly obtained from the savers as debt. Instead, these Institutions mobilize the public savings for rendering other financial services including investment. All such Institutions are financial...

20 Apr 2009

A study on the financial performance of the State Bank of India with reference to camel model

Dissertation - 41 pages - Finance

The Analyst has come up with a special issue on the banking industry for a third consecutive year. To assess Indian banks, The Analyst adopted the world-renowned CAMEL model (with minor modifications). The reason being, the CAMEL model is simple and makes it easy to compare a wide range of banks...

19 Apr 2009

Credit appraisal system at Standard Chartered Bank and the SME credit department

Dissertation - 68 pages - Finance

The ongoing development of contemporary risk management methods and the increased use of innovative financial products such as securitization and credit derivatives have brought about substantial changes in the business environment faced by credit institutions today. Especially in the field of...

16 Apr 2009

A look at financial derivatives in India

Dissertation - 53 pages - Finance

The derivatives markets has existed for centuries as a result of the need for both users and producers of natural resources to hedge against price fluctuations in the underlying commodities. Although trading in agricultural and other commodities has been the driving force behind the development...

15 Apr 2009

Analysis of the Indian banking sector

Dissertation - 38 pages - Finance

This project focuses on the recent scenario of the Indian banking sector. To analyze the industry's growth and position, we have divided it into three sections. In the first section we have studied the Indian economy; second section is on banking industry in India; and the third section is the...

13 Apr 2009

Financial markets of India

Dissertation - 33 pages - Finance

Financial institutions, financial market and financial instruments are considered main components that are closely linked with each other, because financial institutions deals in financial instruments in the financial market. Financial transactions takes place in financial markets. Each and every...

07 Apr 2009

Marine insurance

Dissertation - 33 pages - Finance

The beginning of the insurance business is traced to the city of London. It started with the marine business. Marine traders, who used to gather at Lloyd's coffee house in London, agreed to share losses to goods during transportation by ship. The first insurance policy was issued in England in...

07 Apr 2009

All you wanted to know about insurance

Dissertation - 39 pages - Finance

Insurance, in law and economics, is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of potential financial loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a potential loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for a premium and duty of care. The rate of...

07 Apr 2009

Motor vehicle insurance in India

Dissertation - 42 pages - Finance

There has been a sudden rise in the population of motor vehicles and motor accidents in the last few years. Much of these are attributable to increase in the number of vehicles. Every vehicle before being driven on roads has to be compulsorily insured. The motor insurance policy represents a...

06 Apr 2009

The stock exchange and the big industries of India

Dissertation - 39 pages - Finance

Stock market is a broad term, which involves a number of markets in which securities are brought and sold. Stock markets often rise and fall. Before knowing why the stock markets are so volatile, let us understand about stock market and the investment options available to a potential investor....

06 Apr 2009

Compliance requirements for stock brokers: The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd

Dissertation - 42 pages - Finance

One of the most dynamic fields of business is the Capital Market. It is considered one of the most promising markets in the world. This is because of the sea change that the market has undergone from the early 90's. The market is now automated, transparent and self-driven. The Indian Financial...