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24 Jul 2015

Taxation limits on local governments; municipalities and school districts in the state of Georgia

Essay - 9 pages - Government finance

There exist a number of limits on taxation both statutory and constitutional that apply in the state of Georgia. The reasons for the existence of such limitations vary, but majorly they are meant to check county government expenditure, Ensure property taxes are maintained at reasonable and...

16 Jan 2009

A "fat tax" to encourage consumers to switch away from fats, sugar and processed foods

Essay - 4 pages - Government finance

People are obviously getting more and more fat. This fact cannot be denied. That is why, to curb this phenomenon, Kelly Brownell launched the idea of applying a fat tax on unhealthy food, in his article published in the New York Times in 1994. Such a tax could encourage people to buy less...

15 Jan 2009

Do we have the right balance between responsibility for budget implementation and political accountability for the Union budget's use?

Essay - 5 pages - Government finance

The evolution of the budgetary procedure, with the new financial regulation of 2002, has increased the responsibility of the different actors and clarified the different management methods, increasing the transparency of the whole procedure. Those changes allow us to wonder if there is, today, a...

17 Jul 2008

The Universal Healthcare debate in America

Essay - 4 pages - Government finance

According to the National Coalition on Healthcare, nearly 47 million Americans go without health insurance (NCHC 2008). That means that sixteen percent of the American population cannot afford to get treated when they are sick, injured, or possibly dying. Within that number,...

07 Jul 2008

Overview of the World Bank organization, the positive contributions that the organization has made to the development of Third World countries, and the specific policies that have been criticized by world leaders

Essay - 9 pages - Government finance

The World Bank was created in the aftermath of World War II with the intention of helping all countries in Europe rebuild in a positive and prosperous manner. Since this time, the World Bank has undergone many changes and refocused its strategies for development. Today, the World Bank takes part...

17 Sep 2007

On Balancing the US Budget

Essay - 2 pages - Government finance

The consequences of balancing the US budget are potentially harming. Whether it is decided to balance at a rapid or steady rate, there will be complications of massive influence on the American people. Let us explore in a triumvirate approach the shortcomings of forcing such a balance. ...