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Thesis in government finance

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16 Jun 2010


Thesis - 6 pages - Government finance

The economic upheaval in recent years has accentuated the idea of an unpredictable future that is not always predictable by experts. Companies have had to adapt to changing environments in order to survive. The nature of the economic environment has necessitated the need for permanent...

12 Aug 2009

A look at Rentier states

Thesis - 6 pages - Government finance

When I think of rentier states I am reminded of a time in the early 1970s with Richard Nixon invited Johnny Cash to the White House, provided that the sing the right-wing satire, “Welfare Cadillac.” Claiming he did not know the words, Cash instead sang the “Ballad of Ira...

30 Jul 2009

Planning for tomorrow: Provincial policy, regional government and public opinion

Thesis - 4 pages - Government finance

Provincial politics can often be as overstated as it is often outdated. In the case of the former, this is a result of the dependency our provincial governments have on federal funding. As for the latter, consider that provincial policy making is often a tense and contradictory affair whereby...

07 Jul 2009

The governments oversight and the misuse of surplus funds

Thesis - 12 pages - Government finance

This study will investigate the governmental oversight and exemptions that allow for the unchecked misuse of surplus funds within non-profit organizations. For the purposes of this study, surplus is defined as money not earmarked for future projects, or capital projects, unrestricted funds and...

05 May 2009

The evolution, features, concepts, application and terminologies of fiscal policy

Thesis - 12 pages - Government finance

Fiscal policy can be explained as a policy executed by the government to produce desirable effect on national income, output and employment. There are two type of fiscal policy they are - Contractionary & Expansionary.It helps the government by creating an environment for rapid...