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Absolut Vodka brand mangament

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Absolut Vodka is a reference in the premium vodka sector. If the product is more than 100 years old, on the contrary the brand is a recent creation. The 17th of April 1979, Ahus, little Swedish village located at six hundred kilometers of Stockholm, is living without being aware of it an historical moment. A way of change is expecting in the Boston's trendy bars. It's the first arrival of this white alcohol named Absolut Vodka in the United States. Everybody is predicting its failure: the vodka comes from ?Suede? and no from Russia. Its bottle doesn't match with the classic codes of the market: a traditional bottle, old label in paper and with a link with Poland or Russia. In 2009, this 30 years alcohol brand is the fourth of spirits in the world, every categories speaking, and number two of vodkas in volume. Absolut Vodka appears as one of the best first ten international brands. It sells almost one hundred million of liters in 2008 (nine million in 1984), in more than one hundred and twenty six countries, fourtee five million in the United States where Absolute Vodka is considerate as a premium vodka brand.

[...] Absolut Vodka is the third worldwide spirituous producer of Vodka after Bacardi and Smirnoff. This lead them to the second position in the vodka volume market share with (after Smirnoff DIAGEO group) and to the fifth position in France with a volume market share in France (after Poliakov, Eristoff, Sobiesky and Smirnoff) (see annex However, this market is changing and currently facing opportunities and threats in France: Internal environment Absolut Vodka has its own strengths and weaknesses: 5+1 forces of Porter New entrants Concerning the new entrants, the sector of alcoholic drinks is already saturated and this also apply for vodkas. [...]

[...] The presence of the brand in France is negligible in other social media outlets. Brand identity Kapferer Prism Identity We have done a Kapferer Prism Identity to understand clearly and briefly how the brand wants us to see it. First, a little explanation to better understand how this prism works: - Physique: characteristics of the product - Personality: Psychology of the brand - Relationship: link that the brand wants to create with its customer - Culture: Environment in which the brand was developed - Reflection: Target of the brand - Self-image: what status the customer wants to achieve by buying this brand Brand identity analysis Absolut vodka keeps its consistency concerning the shape of its bottles, their logo, and the head of the creator is included in the design like a proof of authenticity, even in the limited edition and vodka with different tastes. [...]

[...] The brand name and the logo (the range of aromas and the bottle shape) have all been patented to be unique. Concerning the packaging, the Swedish team launched it the way they wanted and the packaging nearly didn't change. The packaging's characteristics are composed by: A shape: it appears to be an old Swedish medicine bottle (from the 16th-17th centuries) aimed to cure everything found by Gunnar Broman. A few modifications concerning the length of the bottleneck were made to make it longer (one of the weaknesses claimed by some barmen and frequent users of this product). [...]

[...] Absolut Vodka is manly known for its iconic print media. Its ?Absolut Brand? and the characteristic bottle make their advertisement (see annex Absolut Vodka Print Campaigns) Internet: Absolut Vodka mainly uses its home website to introduce and advertise new aromas and bottles to the public, and also to expand of Absolut Vodka's history. Absolut financed a film by Spike Jonze called ?I'm here? as a promotion for their products. The film's main sentence is : Love Story in an Absolut World? Absolut also has a bar called the ICEBAR (Absolut ICEBAR Concept), co- financed by IceHotel. [...]

[...] The brand will have to renew very often its range of products so as to avoid being dated. Absolut vodka is an international brand, leading many advertising campaigns all over the world. The company fit its message to the targeted region which is good, but we can see that sometimes, cultural differences are not taken into account. Indeed, we can take the example of its advertising campaign in 2008, titled an absolut world?, portraying what could be an ideal world according to the history of the country. [...]

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