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Along Way Gone- Effects of war on today’s modern society

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  1. Introduction
  2. A long Way Gone
  3. Effects of war
  4. Today's modern society
  5. Conclusion

A long Way Gone primarily brings into light the effects of war on today's modern society amongst them violation Human Rights as spelt out by UN Charter in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Through the noble eyes of a former child soldier Ishmael Beah, the memoir, though immeasurably heart-wrenching and disturbing, paints clear scenarios of the war in Sierra Leone, its atrocities and its irreversible damages. Forcefully indicated into the government army to fight the R.U.F (The national Revolutionary United Front) rebels, the war transforms Ishmael and his friends from gentle souls to lifeless killing machines.

Article 1 of the UN Charter, states ?All people are born devoid in dignity and rights. They are awarded conscience and reason and must act towards each one to the other in a spirit of brotherhood ? (Brooks 120). It upholds and promotes the spirit of brotherhood, propelled by dignity and love for fellow countrymen. The war strips Ishmael off of all the requisites as spelt out in Article 1. Once inducted into the army, Ishmael loses his conscience, to judge right from wrong. The war brainwashes Ishmael into killing as the most-justified means of avenging his resentments and the loss of his family.

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