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Creation, God, and the story of Genesis in the Bible

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  1. The family tree of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac
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In the first part of Genesis, the origins and creation of life and Earth are explained. In the beginning, God created the heaven the earth, and there was nothing on the earth but water. On the first day, God said "Let there be light", and at this point God created night and day. After this, on the second day, God created a vault through the middle of the waters, and the area above this he called "Heaven". Then on the third day, God created vegetation on the Earth and filled it with trees and seed bearing fruits. On the fourth day, God made the Sun and the Moon, which are referred to as two great lights. The sun would govern the day while the Moon would govern the night. On the fifth day, God brought living creatures to the earth such as birds and fish, and he encouraged them to "Be fruitful and multiply". On the sixth day, god created every living creature known that would walk the earth, such as cattle, and "creeping things of all kinds". God then went on to make Man "In the image of God", and he placed him on the earth as the master of all creatures and encouraged him to eat from the vegetation of the earth. On the last day, the seventh day, God rested from all his work because it was now completed and it was good. God also blessed this seventh day and made it a holy day.

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