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19 Sep 2020

The Roman Presence in Bohemia and Moravia During the Marcomannic Wars

Dissertation - 12 pages - Ancient history

For around three hundred years, the Danubian region has been in a particular position, a so-called 'bipolar state' . Indeed, two major entities of the time were in contact in this area. The first one was the Roman Empire and the second was the Germanic world. From the time of...

30 Jan 2017

Greece vs. Persian Empire

Essay - 4 pages - Ancient history

The Persian wars also known as the wars between Greece and Persia comprised of a series of wars that commenced in 499BC between Achaemenid Empire of Persia and Greek city states. The wars lasted all through until 449BC. The history of the wars are best accounted for by Herodotus who narrates the...

23 Aug 2016

The Greek strategies that won the Persian wars

Essay - 1 pages - Ancient history

The Greek and Persian wars were important events in Greek history. At the time, the Persian Empire was larger, wealthier, and had more men, but still the Greek forces were able to unite together and defeat them. When the Greek and Persian Wars were happening, around 492 BC to 449 BC, the Persian...

05 Jul 2016

Creation, God, and the story of Genesis in the Bible

Essay - 3 pages - Ancient history

In the first part of Genesis, the origins and creation of life and Earth are explained. In the beginning, God created the heaven the earth, and there was nothing on the earth but water. On the first day, God said "Let there be light", and at this point God created night and day. After this, on...

09 Sep 2015

Chinese dynasties : the Yuan, Ming and Ging dynasties

Essay - 2 pages - Ancient history

Yuan dynasty as established by Genghis Khan and his sons. They ruled between 1279 and 1368 after conquering the western Xia ,central Asia and Hexi Corridor .The defeat of these dynasties gave them a strong base since they acquired the tools, techniques, Experience and the man power they required...

29 Jul 2015

Catholic Church in the 5th Century

Essay - 1 pages - Ancient history

The role of the Catholic Church developed from the 3rd century C.E. as the European powers developed. The Germanic people started moving into the Roman Empire lands during this period and overtook Roman Empire (Western) politically and planted a number of states governed by German Kings. ...

27 Jul 2015

Travels of Ibn Battuta

Essay - 3 pages - Ancient history

Commonly known as Ibn Batutta, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Batutta was born in Tangir, a small town located in what is believed to be the present day Morocco, in the year 1304 (Gosch & Stearns, 2007, pp. 120-122). During his early life, Ibn, having been brought up in an Islamic family,...

06 Jul 2015

The persecutions: The political and military commitment

Case study - 4 pages - Ancient history

In 1738, the region came under the control of the Afghan leader Nadir Shah of Iran .It return to hostilities, that Sikhs call ghalughara (Holocaust). In 1762 he destroyed Amritsar, seen as a symbol of the complete victory of Islam. This is the Wadde Ghalughara (second Holocaust). However it...

06 Jul 2015

London and Victorian era

Case study - 3 pages - Ancient history

London, became a true metropolis integrated into the global economy that dominates, then place over the century as a true center of the world, political capital of the largest empire the world that wish to exhibit his power. The Victorian era is characterized by the height of the British...

03 Mar 2015

The Tethered Generation

Case study - 2 pages - Ancient history

Kathryn Tyler is a renowned author for the HR magazine. She has been an author since 1993 and has also taught in several universities; University of California, San Diego University. In the article, The tethered Generation, Kathryn Tyler (2007) used the marketing research reports and finds out...

03 Mar 2015

The sign of the Declaration of Independence

Case study - 2 pages - Ancient history

The Declaration of Independence is a sole document that called for the separation from British rule. The document illustrates how much unrest was evident between Britain and the thirteen colonies. The British government created unrest from the countless attempts of oppression. The oppression was...

02 Mar 2015

Schumpeter's Conception of Democracy

Case study - 2 pages - Ancient history

Schumpeter is well known for his efforts in advocating a procedural democracy definition. He sets the stage for his definition by first criticizing the implications of the 18th-century philosophy that was associated with democracy (Medearis, 2009, p. 34). He claims that the definition in the 18th...

02 Mar 2015

Religion and American History

Case study - 3 pages - Ancient history

According to Winthrop, United States is a Canaan (promised land) for the people according to God's will so as to a life regarded as moral (Winthrop, 1996). By following God's laws and rejecting the Europe's morally flawed ways, United States would as well be referred to as a city upon a hill. To...

18 Feb 2015

Exercise to intervene for overweight

Essay - 2 pages - Ancient history

A number of people have become overweight due to the various lifestyles that we have adapted. In addition, the type of occupation that one is in contributes a lot to being overweight or obese. Apart from the minor symptoms and effects that I have mentioned above, there are the health problems...

28 May 2013

Hitler's rise to power

Case study - 6 pages - Ancient history

Post-World War I Germany was a country ridden with resentment, distress and desperation. There was confusion throughout the country because many thought that they had won the war, therefore the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles came as a shock to most German citizens. War guilt was a source...

06 Feb 2013

Why the Book of Hindu Vedas and others considered mythology?

Case study - 5 pages - Ancient history

Indeed, it is still a powerful paradigm in mind, even the Hindus themselves, the Vedas and Puranas contain only the epics and mythology. Take for instance the book Bhagavadgita. Bhagavad-gita contains spiritual discourse given by Sri Krishna to Arjuna before the war Bharata Yudha, which...

04 Feb 2013

Aryan invasion theory by Max Muller is a conspiracy

Case study - 6 pages - Ancient history

Almost all ancient cultures that have been found to be always close to the river valley. Man at that time considered the water is the only source of life. By being near the water, they can survive, and the river is a suitable place for it. This happened not without reason. Areas close to the...

22 Nov 2012

Account for the successes and failures of Mao Zedong's regime from 1949-1975

Case study - 3 pages - Ancient history

In 1949 when Mao Zedong rose to power as both Chairman of the ruling Communist Party and Chairman leader of China, he faced the “superhuman” (Lowe) task of controlling and organizing a country of more than 600 million people. The past half-century had left China weak and divided; this...

22 Nov 2012

The success and failure of Alexander III's rule

Case study - 2 pages - Ancient history

Alexander III, seen by many as a reactionary Tzar, ruled Russia from 1881-1894. Alexander was opposed to the stance his father Alexander II had taken in his approach to ruling Russia. Therefore he sought to undo the majority of his father's reforms. When Alexander III was put into power his first...

27 Jan 2011

Tyranny under ancient Greece

Essay - 3 pages - Ancient history

Between the seventh century and first decades of the sixth century BC, the Hellenic world witnessed a series of tyrannical regimes that seem to have first developed in the Asir colonies (Ephesus, Miletus, Chios, Lebos) and then in the cities of European Greece (Corinth Sieyone etc.). There are...

10 Jan 2011

Xenophon's views regarding the Conspiracy of Cinadon

Essay - 6 pages - Ancient history

The Spartan system appears as an exception among the many plans that were born and developed in Greece during antiquity. Often admired but also strongly criticized, it was an oligarchy, where power rested in the hands of an elite few, but it was also an aristocracy, where the civic body...

10 Jan 2011

The Priests of Ancient Egypt

Book review - 3 pages - Ancient history

While some aspects of Egyptian civilization have changed over the centuries, their concern for religion has remained immutable. Historical documents have left the image of deeply devout priests (a good example is the biography of Petosiris included in his tomb of Tuna el-Gebel) yet we...

07 Oct 2010

Ancient Philosophy: What is the philosophical significance of the slave boy experiment in the Meno?

Thesis - 3 pages - Ancient history

Meno is a Socratic dialogue written by Plato. It is aporetic in that even though Socrates does present conclusions, they do not resolve the problems rose at the beginning. Meno first asks Socrates whether virtue can be taught. That is apparently not the good way to set the problem according to...

29 Sep 2010

To what extent was China a unified country in the early imperial period (Qin through Tang)?

Essay - 4 pages - Ancient history

To a large extent, China can be considered as a dramatically diverse country. Firstly, while its physical boundaries were constantly changing throughout its history, its territory remained constantly perceived as a juxtaposition of contrasting environments. Moreover, since the evolution of the...

29 Sep 2010

Minoan religious beliefs and rituals

Essay - 4 pages - Ancient history

Our knowledge of Minoan religion are only based on ruins and remains from Minoan culture, such as remains of shrines, cult furniture, votive offerings and pictures of cult scenes. Indeed, we have no scriptures, no prayers, no books of rituals; all we have are objects and fragments all of which...

01 Mar 2010

Byzantium during the iconoclastic age

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

In 628 Byzantium's territorial holdings stretched from northern Africa and the southern tip of Spain to the whole of Asia Minor and Syria. In the same year, under the emperor Herakleios, Byzantium won a total defeat over their main rival of the time, Persia. The constant disputes between Persia...

15 Feb 2010

Kautilya and ancient Indian administration

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

Indian administration in its present form is the culmination of its evolution since 321 BC when Chandra Gupta Maurya established his empire in the sub-continent. Over a period of time, the Mughals and the British contributed substantially to the formation of the Indian Administrative system. Free...

01 Oct 2009

Ancient Egyptian astronomy

Thesis - 3 pages - Ancient history

Ancient Egypt is a very interesting culture. Like most ancient cultures, ancient Egypt placed lots of importance on the sky and the heavenly bodies. Unlike anything on Earth, the heavens seemed to be unchanging and all-powerful. The idea that the heavens were all-powerful was reinforced by the...

19 Aug 2009

The Destructive Power of Material Wealth in Rome: Luxury and Avarice as Negative Values in Sallust and Livy

Thesis - 7 pages - Ancient history

The Roman conquest of foreign nations in the East resulted in a dramatic increase of material wealth in Rome, brought back as the spoils of war from the conquered nations. This increase in wealth had a corruptive influence on Roman society, as it signified the advent of luxury, or...

03 Jul 2009

The significance of the book of Tobit

Book review - 4 pages - Ancient history

An unknown author wrote the Book of Tobit, written sometime during the second century B.C.E. (Bergant 1989, 832) or the third century B.C.E. (Mays 1988, 720), in an unknown location. Even though the date is not known exactly, it is widely thought to have been written during the Diaspora due to...