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Thesis in Geography

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28 Jun 2011

Earthquakes and how to build to counter their effects

Thesis - 5 pages - Geography

Earthquakes can cause a great amount of damage to cities and towns which find themselves in the path of an earthquake. Despite this, towns and cities are still built near fault lines where earthquakes are a common occurrence. To combat the earthquakes which attempt to turn these...

29 Sep 2010

Urban Segregation in Sao Paulo

Thesis - 7 pages - Geography

Since the 1950s, the majority of Latino-American cities have experienced a demographical growth and a major extension of their urban area. Some writers had even talked about the “monstrous cities”. In about half a century, from 1950s to 1990s, the demography of the cities boomed from 13...

13 Nov 2009

Business advantages and opportunities at North Bay

Thesis - 6 pages - Geography

North Bay is an exciting and vibrant region, as they are on the cutting edge of information and technology, and are well-positioned to thrive in the new global economy. It is a place that is recognized for the fact that it is one of Ontario's most community-spirited cities. The...

01 Oct 2009

The ozone layer and man's responsibility

Thesis - 8 pages - Geography

Man lives on a fragile planet which he calls “Earth”. Life on this planet is basically dependent on the atmosphere. To man, the atmosphere is known as a surrounding influence on the air which surrounds the earth. This atmosphere provides a mixture of gasses, including water vapor, that...

24 Sep 2009

Multiple effects of Hurricane Katrina

Thesis - 3 pages - Geography

Natural disasters are random and uncontrollable events that create havoc for human beings. A natural disaster might be caused by an earthquake, a flood, or, in the example in this paper, by a hurricane. When a disaster takes place, danger and damage occurs both during and often...

29 Jul 2009

Vienna Austria, a 'Global City'

Thesis - 4 pages - Geography

Vienna is the capital city of the Republic of Austria in the heart of Central Europe. Vienna is also the name of one of the nine state provinces, the rest of which are divided throughout Austria. The official language of the country is German and it is spoken in all of the nine states. Vienna, or...

29 Jul 2009

Erosion; A key component to life on the Cape

Thesis - 4 pages - Geography

When given the choice of doing a research paper on something dealing with nature, I knew there would be no better choice than the topic of erosion on Cape Cod. As a nineteen-year resident of Cape Cod, I have constantly heard people talk about the issue of erosion. Although erosion was not a major...

13 Jul 2009

Geography and the meaning of climate change

Thesis - 3 pages - Geography

Within the field of geography, the issue of climate change is one that has aroused a significant amount of public debate, especially over the past few decades. There have been about as many theories on climate change as there are scientists out there, and this has made the debate largely an...

30 Apr 2009

Analysis of the role of easy transit to Pearson international airport in the economy of Toronto and its accessibility to commuter and international travelers

Thesis - 6 pages - Geography

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the three largest cities in Canada. As such, they play a pivotal role in the economy, growth, and development of Canada as both a nation unto itself and as an international destination for commerce, tourism, and immigration. Sad it is, then,...

24 Apr 2009

Kuwait: The hidden moneymaker of the middle East

Thesis - 8 pages - Geography

Kuwait is a small sovereign emirate strategically located on the northwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, tucked between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The name comes from an Arabic word translating to “fortress built near water,” which it very much looks like on a map. It has a rich history...

24 Mar 2009

Residential segregation in the Industrial City, 1870-1930

Thesis - 4 pages - Geography

The mid-nineteenth century was a changing time, and the forces of the industrial revolution were continually changing the social landscape. The industrial revolution brought with it changes in production, manufacturing, farming and transportation, and this had a significant impact on the...