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25 May 2020

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass - Frederick Douglass (1845)

Book review - 3 pages - Modern history

In the first half of the 19th century, the United States is facing a lot of changes in social, economic and political levels. Economically speaking, the country has evolved positively thanks to new models of production brought by the Industrial Revolution. Nonetheless, at this time, slavery was...

05 Jul 2016

Heart of a Dog - Mikhail Bulgakov, 1925

Book review - 3 pages - Modern history

In "Heart of a Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov, we are presented with a satire of Russian society in the early 20th century. In the story, a Russian dog is transformed into a human through a serious of surgeries, and with a "dog's mindset", this individual is able to thrive in a corrupt Russian...

24 Jul 2015

Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition - Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, 1542

Book review - 1 pages - Modern history

History is recorded in a variety of manners. Some of the most revealing perspectives come from the individuals that have actually experienced the past events take place. The documents each individual provide are recognized as primary sources. Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca provides an example of a...

19 Jun 2013

History as identity: The American past as contested terrain

Book review - 20 pages - Modern history

We look to the past to tell us who we are, where we are, and how we got here from there. History is identity, and thus it is contested terrain. Whose story is going to be told, and who is going to do the telling? The American narrative - the history of who we are, where...

29 Sep 2010

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

Book review - 1 pages - Modern history

In the 18th century, the ideas of modernity were spreading all around Europe, while at the same time a revolt is organized against the despotic control exercised by Georges III, the King of England in the British colonies of the New World. This rebellion resulted in the Declaration of...

29 Sep 2010

The Riddle of the Zoot: Malcolm Little and Black Cultural Politics during World War II, Robin Davis Gibran Kelley

Book review - 3 pages - Modern history

Robin Davis Gibran Kelley (born in 1962) is a professor of American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. In his essay 'The Riddle of the Zoot-Malcolm Little and Black Cultural Politics during World War II', he analyzed how Malcolm's youth as a hustler...

29 Sep 2010

The Search for Religious Liberty, 1640 -1690, by Mark Goldie

Book review - 2 pages - Modern history

The text under consideration is extracted from the book ?The Oxford Illustrated' by Tudor and Stuart Britain, published in 1996. It is an excerpt from an essay called "The Search for Religious Liberty, 1640-1690", written by Mark Goldie, a Lecturer at the Faculty of History at the University...

12 Aug 2009

A review of Legacy of silence: Encounters with children of the Third Reich

Book review - 5 pages - Modern history

Silence has always been a persistent theme in Holocaust studies. How did so many people remain silent as millions of their neighbors were taken off and killed? Why did so few people resist, and why did so many otherwise rational people blindly follow orders and not speak up against the atrocities...

30 Jun 2009

The destruction of Ancient Egyptian antiquity

Book review - 5 pages - Modern history

The chapter “The Destruction of the Pharaohs” discusses how much of the heritage of the pharaohs was destroyed by tomb robbers and casual tourism. As the pharaohs were laid in their tombs with considerable wealth, the first tomb robbers were contemporary Egyptians themselves. Later,...

17 May 2009

Lewis, Fort Mandan, April 7, 1805 : The Lewis and Clark expedition

Book review - 4 pages - Modern history

This text, written by Captain Meriwether Lewis at Fort Mandan on April 7th, 1805, may be regarded as one of the main turning points of the expedition. Indeed, the long and harsh winter they endured when they could not move on westward to the Missouri River since it was blocked with ice and when...

20 Apr 2008

Fukuzawa Yukichi Biography Review

Book review - 8 pages - Modern history

The biography on Fukuzawa Yûkichi written by Helen M. Hopper explores one of the most influential private citizens and his views and actions during a critical period of development in Japanese history. The aim of the book is to explore the large contributions, and the influence that Fukuzawa had...