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The failure of Libya

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  1. Greece, Carthago and the bases of two Libya entities
  2. The Roman era
  3. Islamization and Arabization of Libya
  4. From the Ottoman era to the Italian colonization
  5. The path to independence
  6. The rule of Gadhafi
  7. From the Arab Spring to the dismantling of Libya

While studying the situation in Libya, we are facing a case that is really different from the other failed states. Contrary to Irak or Syria, there is no ethnic differences. Libyans are, like most people from North Africa, a mixed people made of Amazigh and Arabs. Contrary to Irak, Syria or Yemen, Libya is a religiously homogeneous country, with Sunni Islam as the dominant religion. Actually, the failure of the Libyan nation-state is due to historical and cultural differences between the West and the East of the country.

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