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Questions and answers about Cherokees

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  1. Who are the Five Civilized Tribes ? Which one was the most civilized ?
  2. Who were the leaders of the Cherokee nation at the beginning of the 19th century ?
  3. At the beginning of the 19th century which tribes were the first two to be forcibly removed ?
  4. To what extent was the white's promise of individual land holdings given to indians most often a trap to better dispossess the tribes ?
  5. Why did whites decisions to remove an Indian tribe nearly always lead to a civil war among the victims as was the case with the Creeks and the Cherokees ?
  6. Who was president Jackson and what was his particulary hypocritical attitude at the time of the Removal Act ?
  7. How much protection did the US Supreme Court offer the Cherokee Nation in its two decisions ? At the end of the day was the US Supreme Court able to rescue the Cherokees ?
  8. How did the Cherokees removal take place?
  9. What is the particular story of the Seminoles ?
  10. What is mean by the Indian Territory ?
  11. Why can we describe the period around 1857 as the last period of crisis for the Civilized Tribes settled in the Indian territory ?

The most civilized were the Cherokees, they were the leaders. The tribe still owned most of their heartlands, and they took advice of the white to be cilivized. They made economic progress, and they ask for schools. The tribe was literate, and communicate with each other in writing. They began to publish a newspaper with the columns in English and Cherokee (so fullbloods can be informed on current happenings.) They published books and the Bible in Cherokee language. They developed a responsible government and formulate a legal code. The government has a princial chief, a council and a system of courts.

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