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02 Mar 2021

Distance learning and virtual classes

Essay - 1 pages - Educational studies

As a result of the global epidemic, the education system has been oscillating between distance and face-to-face classes for several months now. This unprecedented adaptation of education nowadays 'at home' arouses both deep concerns regarding the inequalities it can generate or...

22 Aug 2020

The American Education System

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Let's start with the courses, and the different grades. In the USA, compulsory education begins at 5 years old, in the Kindergarten, which is the equivalent of La Grande Section in France. Before 5 year-old, you can go to Preschool and Pre-K, which are fee-paying schools, and it's really...

04 Jul 2017

Pedagogy with middle school students

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

Adolescences undergo a remarkable and rapid developmental change. Understanding and responding to the unique development characteristic is critical at the middle school level. The teacher education system should prepare all teachers for middle school students to face the challenges that emerge at...

15 May 2017

Professional misconducts of teachers and way out

Essay - 10 pages - Educational studies

Teaching is regarded as a noble career just as teachers are considered as role models to pupils and students. These days, a lot of professional misconducts could be noticed among teachers. Many teachers are now disillusioned, lazy, uncommitted, and unpatriotic. This paper is an examination of the...

05 May 2017

Towards effective management of pupils/students feeding in a boarding school: issues and strategies

Essay - 8 pages - Educational studies

One of the sensitive areas in a boarding school administration is the feeding of pupils/students. Although many advantages accrue to boarding over day school, some parents/guardians are still skeptical of enrolling their children in a boarding school because of the issue of inadequate and...

30 Jan 2017

Action research: definition, application, methods...

Essay - 13 pages - Educational studies

Recently, most researchers have cited that they incorporate action research in the problem solving initiatives (Groundwater - Smith, 2009; Dick, Stringer, & Huxham, 2009). As a result, this paper discusses what action research is and how it can be applied to produce actual solutions...

21 Sep 2016

Oscar Wilde and Martin Luther King: "Life is never fair"

Essay - 1 pages - Educational studies

Oscar Wilde once wrote "Life is never fair... And perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not." With this quote, Wilde meant to suggest that a life that is "fair" may become too boring, predictable, and simply bland. Often, the unfairness in life is what makes our blood boil, it...

07 Sep 2016

The right way to study - From a psychological point of view

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

There are many different ways of studying, and some methods are more effective than others. The method I described here is effective for students who are learning just about any subject, and if they follow the steps correctly, they will be able to do well in the given subject. This method of...

22 Mar 2016

Use of multiple methods to examine risk in project appraisals

Essay - 5 pages - Educational studies

Project appraisal is the methodology of evaluating and addressing proposition before assets are conferred. It is a key device for successful activity in group re-establishment. It's a method by which organizations can pick the best projects to help them attain to what they need for their...

17 Sep 2015

College education issues : My struggle with anti intellectual

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Paul Stoller's writing “My Struggle with Anti-Intellectual” is an encouragement to students on their need to think critically. According to the writer, the Huffington post readers responded furiously towards the writing. Charles Murray who is a scholar within the American Enterprise...

09 Sep 2015

Student attitude about learning Arabic and English at the same time

Essay - 5 pages - Educational studies

English has been one of the subjects that have been in use in many countries for many years. However, the use of Arabic has been in the Middle-Eastern and North-African countries where it does not have as many people as the English language (Starks & Paltridge, 1996). Typically,...

24 Jul 2015

Charter schools and the future of public education

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

According to Karps analysis on the issue of charter school in relation to the role played by the public schools, he thinks that there are many devoted charter school educators who share the dream of schooling in a advanced, student-centered institute. And he also indicates that there are more...

24 Jul 2015

Reasons for attending college

Essay - 1 pages - Educational studies

Intentions and the nature thereof may define a person. Each human being has a different set of goals and reason for action. Whenever education is mentioned, one assumes the individual has the most honest intentions. However, each person's reason for pursuing an education is different. Multiple...

21 Jul 2015

Initiate Change

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Change can be defined as the alteration of procedure, behavior, purpose, structure or output of a given unit within an organization (Razik, 2010). It involves working with a diversified population and striving hard to motivate and encourage others to adapt through change as it is required. Even...

14 Apr 2015

Technology As A Function Of Religion And Science

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

The rising usage of technology in the society has raised questions about the relevance of religion. Advancement in science has enabled man to play roles akin to those described as being in the exclusive domain of God. For example, cloning and inter-genetic crossbreeding in contemporary times...

03 Nov 2014

Essay - Tolerance for Hate Speech

Essay - 4 pages - Educational studies

Upholding tolerance of each individual viewpoint is often met with mixed response in different circles. In reality, tolerance in the social settings is championed as an adorable accomplishment in the contemporary global order seeking diversity and equity. The desire to attain tolerance is hyped...

22 Oct 2014

Discussion Essay-Should we Encourage Population Control by Limiting Family Size Given our Obligations to the Future Generations?

Essay - 8 pages - Educational studies

Increase in population has become the concern of many countries in the world. Statistics show that there has been a tremendous increase in population in the recent past. The increase in population has its positive and negative effects as well as the influence it has in the world....

12 Aug 2014

Philosopher Ibn Sina, Avicenna

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

There is little information acknowledged about his early life. The sole source of information was an autobiography that was written by his student. The lack of any other source implies that the information in this autobiography has to be taken at face value. Ibn Sina had an extra ordinary level...

09 Oct 2013

Self - Assessment

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

The beginning on my process was very involved, there were times where discovering the truth meant hearing something that may not be agreeable to the “prior learning process” because every level is a growth process and starts with the original concept in place. Growth can...

23 Aug 2013

Architecture and the environment

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Individuals perform in a different ways depending what is happening within their environment. Within the human civilization, individuals take into account the effects that the environment has upon them. Conversely, human beings rarely take into account the effects that architectural structures...

20 Dec 2012

Why do human females cheat?

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Humans are, for the most part, monogamous creatures. Arguments can be made in both directions as to whether or not this is an evolved trait, or whether or not it's cultural, but that fact remains that humans across most cultures pair bond into exclusive relationships. The evolutionary...

12 Mar 2012

Study of Dubai as a Metropolis

Essay - 10 pages - Educational studies

With its dazzling development, Dubai has become in a few years the center of attention for analysts and scientists. Its population grew from 58,971 in 1968 when the city organized the first census, to 370,800 20 years later, and finally to 2.2 million now . The city is also...

20 Jan 2012

Cultural influence for foreign nations, Indonesia

Essay - 6 pages - Educational studies

Islands of Indonesia, in ancient times lies in the trade route between the two ancient trade centers, namely India and China. It lies in the path of international trade provides a huge influence on the development of Indonesia's ancient history. The presence of Indians on the islands of...

03 Nov 2011

Sample Personal Statement

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

The first thing most people notice about my resume is the numbers of universities I went to versus the fact that I'm still an undergraduate. Therefore, you might want to read this through to have a better idea of my interesting experience and well-justified explanation. I...

23 May 2011

Eat, Think, Play: A after School Health Education Program

Essay - 6 pages - Educational studies

“Eat, Think, Play” is an interactive after school health education program dedicated to helping high school students build and promote a healthy lifestyle. We work to help students construct skills necessary to make good decisions regarding physical activity and eating a nutritious...

04 Oct 2010

Juvenile Delinquency

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

Children often have the habit to test the limits and boundaries set by their parents and other figures of authority. Among adolescents, some rebelliousness and experimentation is common. However, there are a few children who consistently participate in problematic behaviors that often results in...

29 Sep 2010

The Spanish Higher Education System

Essay - 13 pages - Educational studies

Although Spain is our closest neighbor, we notice that in the education sector, we have many differences. Even if this country is knows for parties or corridas, we may find several very famous universities such as the universities of Madrid, Bilbao, Alicante, and Barcelona. In fact, in the...

30 Mar 2010

The Iran hostage crisis

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

The Iran Hostage crisis occurred during a protest on November 4, 1979, outside of the American Embassy in Teheran, Iran. The protestors stormed the embassy, captured 66 people, and refused to release them until Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi came back to Iran to be tried for crimes against...

16 Feb 2010

Meals not so ready to eat: Ecology of food

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

Napoleon once said, “An army marches on its stomach”, and most soldiers would agree. So in 1975, the Department of Defense created the Meal Ready to Eat, affectionately known as MREs. Over the years MRE's have become the foremost source of food for our nation's troops. Meal...

26 Feb 2009

Theism in a postmodern world

Essay - 5 pages - Educational studies

“Whither is God,” he [the madman] cried. “I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I. All of us are his murderers. But how have we done this?...God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.” In today's postmodern...