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Sample letter in Educational studies

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21 Jun 2013

Water resource plan: Letter to the editor

Sample letter - 2 pages - Educational studies

Recently there was an article published in your paper on freshwater pollution and contaminates. There is a way of solving this problem and I have mapped out a plan in which I feel could help the situation. Pollution and contaminates can, and most often do, include; heavy metals, detergents,...

08 Apr 2013

Letter to the editor: Fierce debate after Newton shootings - Where was God?

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

The most debatable topics in the news today are varying from the lack of gun control all the way to teachers concealing weapons during school hours. In the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, these controversial topics have become more and more disputable. The root cause of these issues in...

12 Dec 2012

Sample cover letter for social relationships project

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

I am writing to you because I am interested in your available position of Research Assistant at the Duke Social Relationships Project. I am currently a Junior with internship experience at the Office of Representative Sue Myrick.. I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and...

28 Nov 2012

Sample curriculum vitae

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

It is with great pleasure that I write and express to you my interest in your intriguing medical writing opportunity. My hope is that after you read this letter, and review my CV, you will appreciate the unique skills that I possess, and my potential to be an invaluable asset to your...

26 Nov 2012

General outline for a targeted cover letter

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

(Your Contact Info) - Be sure to include your name, address, phone number (Business Info) - Be sure to include the company name, address, phone number if applicable and what department's attention it is going to. Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: In your...

17 Aug 2010

Cover letter for magazine editor

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

Thank you so much for offering youngsters an opportunity to spread their voices in MAGAZINE. I am currently a GRADE LEVEL student studying MAJOR in NAME OF UNIVERSITY. I may not be majoring in the field of English, but I am truly passionate about writing. Enclosed is a disposable copy of my short...

28 Oct 2007

Circulation assistant cover letter

Sample letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

From Emerson College's human resources website, I learned of numerous openings within the university. I am very interested in the position of circulation assistant, for I am seeking employment in an academic environment and believe that my education and experience will be very beneficial to the...