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12 Oct 2007

Cover letter for a relief counselor job

Sample letter - 1 pages - Psychology

From the Germainelawrence website, I learned of job openings as an Awake Overnight Counselor and a Relief Counselor. I am very interested in these positions as I plan to return to graduate school to complete a degree in Mental Health Counseling, and would love to gain experience both before and...

03 Oct 2007

Effect of Congruency on Reaction Time and Error Rate

Case study - 2 pages - Psychology

This experiment was conducted as a way to look at top-down, versus bottom-up processing. Subjects read the names of colors off Stroop boards, written first in a congruent color of ink, and next in an incongruent color. This allowed an opportunity to analyze the data and examine the differences...

02 Oct 2007

Consciousness in the Collective Core

Essay - 3 pages - Psychology

The enigma that is the essence of consciousness in modern society can be readily explained and analyzed by anyone with the ability to do so and does not necessitate the so-called authoritative citations that we so emphatically consider reliable sources. It doesn't really take a Ph.D. to write an...

30 Aug 2007

The Addiction of Gambling

Presentation - 19 pages - Psychology

Average casino visits a year equal 53.2 million (27% of U.S. population) averaging 5.7 times per person per year. As the economy becomes more and more unstable, gamblers continue to spend more of their paycheck. Society's youth are exposed to the temptations of online casino gambling. Such...

29 Aug 2007

The Future Lies Within the Palms of Our Children

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

“Welcome, all of you, to the United States of America,” says the head of immigration at the U.S. Department of Justice. There are about fifty immigrants from all over the world who have chosen to come to the United States to live. She proceeds to say, “There are a couple of things...

23 Aug 2007

Developmental Trends in Children's Acquisition and Use of Display Rules

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

Emotions are innate and adaptive processes that entail the appraisal of life situations for one's well being and a readiness to act to sustain the state of well being (e.g., Barrett & Campos, 1987; Lazarus, 1991). The occurrence of emotion, especially of a basic emotion, usually elicits...

20 Apr 2007

The Birth and Social Role of the Psychological Sciences: A Comparative Historical Perspective

Essay - 10 pages - Psychology

Taxonomical terms like depression, schizophrenia, neurosis, and psychosis, among many others, are today wielded with ease by doctors and are readily accepted by patients. While they are thought to be scientifically objective qualifications, a crucial examination of the social context of their...

20 Apr 2007

Warped Eroticism: A Case Study on a Sado-Masochism

Thesis - 7 pages - Psychology

The film “La Pianiste” is not only a stunning work of art; it also brilliantly portrays the psychopathology of Erika Kohut, a repudiated piano professor at the Consevatoire de Vienne. By leading us into her private life and exploring her "abnormal" fantasies the film creates a striking...

05 May 2002

Feminism and criminology

Thesis - 10 pages - Psychology

The application of feminism to the field of criminology can be quite uncommon; indeed, in criminology it is men who supply the essential “standard case”. Until recently, criminology has been primarily focused on men and crime with little reference to women. Feminist criminology...