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29 Jan 2024

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens (1850); The Rev. and Mrs. Palmer-Lovell with their two daughters - Augustus Leopold Egg (19th century); Billy Elliot - Stephen Daldry (2000) - To what extent does gender have an impact on education?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

This document tackles 3 documents : - Document 1 is an extract from the novel entitled David Copperfield written by Charles Dickens and published in 1850. It is a coming-of-age novel. - Document 2 is a painting by Augustus Leopold Egg realized in the 19th century. It pictures The Rev. and Mrs....

02 Sep 2022

Silicon Valley - Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (2014-2019) - Gender and society

Text commentary - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Gender has been an essential research issue in social sciences, with the studies conducted on the impacts of gender on various aspects of human expression and perception as well as the investigations of career and societal implications of gender and possible underlying biases according to...

02 Sep 2022

The Lives of Campus Custodians - Peter Magolda (2016) - Lives and work conditions of invisible support staff in the university

Text commentary - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The Lives of Campus Custodians is a book written by Peter Mark Magolda, a person who describes himself as an "educational anthropologist." In his book, Magolda tries to bring out the lives and work conditions of certain support staff in the university who are on many occasions rendered...

15 Jul 2022

What is television doing to us? - Jack Gould (1949) - The Impact of Television on Families in the 1950s

Text commentary - 3 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The invention of television in the 1950s is no doubt one that brought a significant social change more so within the family context. In his introductory statement, Gould (1949) is concerned about the impact of television. He is keen to point out that at the time, the issue of the future of...