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25 Nov 2023

The Digital Transformation of BNP Paribas

Case study - 15 pages - Bank marketing

This report will focus on a traditional French bank: BNP Paribas. Indeed, the objective will be to take a look at its evolution since its creation and how it has adapted to the evolution of technology. Faced with a growing Fintech industry, it is interesting to understand how BNP Paribas is...

15 Apr 2022

The business model of an exchange - How does a cryptocurrency exchange generate money?

Case study - 11 pages - Bank marketing

Today there are more than 600 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Some cryptocurrency exchange platforms are no longer start-ups. A hundred of them are engaged in a fierce war of prices in order to capture customers. The Binance platform, for example, which is the world leader with 70% market...