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15 Sep 2023

Quality vs. Quantity: Creating a Content Strategy in 2019

Text commentary - 1 pages - Marketing theories

In this video, we hear a talk by Gary Vee in Melbourne about strategic content in 2019, and especially on the debate between quality and quantity.

09 Mar 2023

Can Marketing Be a Science? - Robert Bartels (1951) ; From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing - Christian Grönroos (1997) ; The Marketing Revolution - Robert J. Keith (1960) - Marketing in Retrospective

Text commentary - 2 pages - Marketing theories

The formalization of the concept of marketing takes place after the Second World War with, in particular, the appearance models such as the marketing mix, the 4Ps... From the 1970s, "consumer behavior" strives to appear as a specific field of research. From 1970 to 1980, marketing is accused of...