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Clients and consumers' behavior

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15 Nov 2023

The impact of cognitive dissonance in higher education and career choices

Litterature review - 17 pages - Clients and users behaviour

Cognitive dissonance, a concept both profound and captivating, was brought to the fore by Leon Festinger in 1957. It embodies the psychological discomfort experienced by individuals when they encounter conflicting beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors. This incongruity incites a pursuit of cognitive...

08 Nov 2023

The WidgetTech Customer Satisfaction Survey

Case study - 3 pages - Clients and users behaviour

WidgetTech is a leading technology company that specializes in manufacturing and selling cutting-edge widgets. Over the past few years, WidgetTech has experienced a significant drop in customer satisfaction scores. Their customers, who come from a wide range of industries, have reported issues...

09 Mar 2023

Do New Technologies Prevent Consumers From Being Loyal to Brands?

Essay - 4 pages - Clients and users behaviour

The digitilization of the world is disrupting all human activities. By modifying the way we obtain, transmit and exchange information, digital technology is profoundly changing the way we consume, trade and communicate. New technologies are also disrupting our approach to marketing and especially...

06 Sep 2022

Purchasing behavior - Detailed essay plan

Dissertation - 3 pages - Clients and users behaviour

This document helps structuring a dissertation about consumers' behavior and especially purchasing power through a detailed plan. Research's references are French.

17 Feb 2021

Mass consumption and crisis situation - Parallel with the Coronavirus

Case study - 4 pages - Clients and users behaviour

In recent days, panic has invaded the homes of French consumers, since the Coronavirus has officially arrived in France, causing in particular the closure of schools. In these moments of doubt, fear and anguish, some consumers have tended to rush into the supermarket shelves in order to provide...