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The accusations against Socrates

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  1. The life that Socrates led was not at all likely to assist him gain esteem or the affection of the vulgar
  2. As far as this accusation goes, the scenario is not that different from the religion of St. Theodore of Sykeon.
  3. One of the major accusations against Socrates was denying gods that the state recognized as well as introducing to the state strange religions instead of such Gods. In the case of St, Theodore, earthly spirits that torment people can be seen.
  4. Theodore explains that something else that makes him cry is the young believers who need a shepherd. He is afraid that he will die and leave them without one
  5. Socrates during his presentation for his apology, his first words were that he was not sure if the jury; whether the accusers had absorbed them.
  6. Socrates asked the jury not judge him basing on his skills but through the truth. This same thing happened with Theodore in his eek bed
  7. Socrates told the jury that he was not going to utilize phrases as well as words, which were arranged carefully, however, he was going to say words that just came to his mouth
  8. When Theodore was lying in his sick bed crying, he was given a chance to seek for God's favor.
  9. The accusers of Socrates especially Politicians felt that he was a threat because he was turning people against the state's laws

The life that Socrates led was not at all likely to assist him gain esteem or the affection of the vulgar. The people, who had no knowledge of him in person, saw him only to consider him a visionary. Those who knew him, even without having hurt by his rebukes, had winced under the saints interrogations hence regarded him with fear and dislike consequently. However, the peculiarity of Socrates genius as well as ill will that was born towards him by persons was not sufficient to the account of the catastrophe of 399. Therefore, it comes to be essential study the trial's circumstances as well as look into the circumstances that resulted to his accuser seek his death as well as the Athens' people to agree in it.

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