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10 Apr 2024

Unscharfe Grenzen - Ulrich Pardey (2002) - Sand's Society : a navigating between Individuality and Collective cohesion

Text commentary - 5 pages - Philosophy

At the crossroads of practical philosophical thought and introspective quest, Ulrich Padrey's work Unscharfe Grenzen, and more precisely the quotation that comes from it, offer a fascinating insight into the profound relationship between the individual and the collective. He is interested in...

16 Mar 2024

Thought and Motion - Henri Bergson (1889) - Is it possible that the conceptions of things cannot be imposed as universal?

Text commentary - 3 pages - Philosophy

In his work "La pensée et le mouvant" (Thought and Motion), Henri Bergson deals with the subject of art and develops its principal function, which constitutes the generic theme of the text before us. The author asserts that artists have the power to transcribe the things of nature and of the...

03 Mar 2024

Descartes Philosophy

Case study - 5 pages - Philosophy

Descartes carries out an experiment in which he supposes that there is no existence of God, and instead, he proposes the existence of an evil spirit which deceives humanity regarding everything that regards to life. He describes his philosophy as a tree, the roots as a form of metaphysics, and...

13 Jan 2024

Henri David Thoreau - Civil disobedience

Biography - 2 pages - Philosophy

Henri David Thoreau, an American philosopher, naturalist and poet, was also a convinced activist who fought against slavery and advocated civil disobedience. His imprisonment in 1846 gave rise to the essay "Civil Disobedience", a text that influenced Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela,...

27 May 2023

Myths and Heroes - published: 27/05/2023

Essay - 1 pages - Philosophy

In this notion we talk about myths and heroes. A myth can be a legend, a story which is imaginary and a hero can be an historical person or a character from a book or in a movie to stop a bad person. In this notion we talk about the different person or character like Captain America who influence...

25 May 2023

Raymond Boudon, the Leader of "Methodical Individualism"

Biography - 1 pages - Philosophy

Raymond Boudon is a philosopher and one of the most eminent French sociologists of the 20th is century and the beginning of the 21st century with Alain Touraine, Michel Crozier and Pierre Bourdieu. He was born on January 27, 1934, in Paris and died on April 10, 2013, in Paris. Raymond Boudon is...

24 May 2023

The Culture Map - Erin Meyer (2014) - The cultural differences

Book review - 2 pages - Philosophy

If I need to admit something, it was the only book in the three proposed that I hadn't chosen to read, thinking that I would be able to adapt to the cultural differences compared to the topic "communication" treated in the book "Non-violent communication" for example. But, in the end since...

10 May 2023

Do's and Don'ts to work in Tunisia

Practical guide - 2 pages - Philosophy

It is almost impossible for a foreigner to get a job in Tunisia (given the revolution) unless it is sponsored by a Tunisian company. In order to obtain a position, it is imperative to be proficient in Arabic or English. The main sources for finding work are the Internet and the daily newspaper...

22 Dec 2022

Is the Reality of the Subject a Certainty or an Illusion?

Essay - 3 pages - Philosophy

"Cogito ergo sum. "I think, therefore I am'. This Latin locution, uttered by René Descartes, philosophers of the Enlightenment, gives an unmistakable type of view of human consciousness. Since I have the will and the consciousness to think, I am, I exist. My thought, which I observe, refers...

22 Aug 2022

Scientific Research and Data Analysis

Worksheets - 4 pages - Philosophy

This document is the summary of a course that presents the different ways in which research can be conducted in Science, as well as the method of data analysis. Science is a more formal, rigorous approach in the quest for truthful knowledge. It relies on objectivity and rationality - Objectivity:...

19 Mar 2022

What are problems and how do we deal with them?

Presentation - 5 pages - Philosophy

Faced with the same event, several people can react in totally different ways. Better still, the same person, at different times, can react in a completely different way when faced with the same situations. All of this allows us to affirm that it is perhaps not reality itself that causes the...

24 Oct 2021

Poor Man's Guardian, no. 72, 27 (October 1832) - what are the political stakes linked to the Reform Act and how can we understand the place of the media in the organization of power in the United Kingdom during this period?

Text commentary - 2 pages - Philosophy

The Representation of the People Act 1832 brought about important changes in the exchange between British institutions during the 19th century and allowed for the disappearance of small districts or access to the right to vote for a certain number of individuals such as small landowners. The Act...

06 Oct 2021

Lifeboat Earth Famine (Onora O'Neill, 2016), Famine, Affluence, and Morality (Peter Singer, 1972) - The moral obligation to act against hunger and poverty

Text commentary - 5 pages - Philosophy

Hunger and poverty have been a consistent problem for humanity. While the majority of humanity agrees that hunger and poverty are atrocious, the degree to which we are morally obligated to interfere is debatable. I will be examining two philosophers' papers, both that argue we are morally...

30 Aug 2021

Can new technologies facilitate the exchanges?

Essay - 1 pages - Philosophy

Now, we are going to talk about new technologies to illustrate this notion. Indeed, new technologies, such as SMS, e-mail, and the World Wide Web, are all around us nowadays, like our smartphones. So, we're going to try to answer the question: "Can new technologies facilitate the exchanges?"

23 Jun 2021

Presentation of The American Dream

Essay - 2 pages - Philosophy

The American dream is the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved if they just work hard enough. It appeared after the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which proclaims that 'all men are created...

23 Jun 2021

Humour and Nonsense

Presentation - 1 pages - Philosophy

My presentation will deal with the theme writer in his society. Writers usually criticize their society by literature to show people that things need to be changed such as those in Victorian Society. But how do writers by using humour and nonsense in their literature manage to criticize the...

23 Jun 2021

Meeting the Other

Presentation - 2 pages - Philosophy

My presentation will deal with the theme meeting the other. In the major parts of literature's pieces, the characters are researched in a psychological way so that the readers recognize themselves into them and learn valuable lessons about life in general. The example of the novels Jane Eyre...

28 Apr 2021

Transhumanism and his symbol/meaning : do you agree?

Essay - 1 pages - Philosophy

Seen as the future of society by many scientists, transhumanism is nowadays something that we have a lot to discover. This image shows the symbol created for transhumanism. Its design has been thought; the ‘+' means development, an improvement, so humans can no longer bound to their...

31 Mar 2021

Is the American Dream a myth ?

Essay - 2 pages - Philosophy

The American dream is the notion that the American social, economic, and political system makes success possible for everyone. It's linked to the notion of the ‘self-made man : the idea that, with enough work & dedication, anybody can climb the social ladder and become wealthy.

15 Mar 2021

In what way storytelling helped shape feminism in our current society?

Essay - 3 pages - Philosophy

I choose the notion of the Idea of Progress. To illustrate this notion, I decided to talk about the idea of progress in feminism. Before I start, I'd like to give a quick definition of the notion: the idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. As a...

22 Feb 2021

Places and forms of power - What is the role of money in our society in our lives ?

Essay - 1 pages - Philosophy

I am going to talk about the notion of places and forms of power. First, I would like to give a definition of power. Power is the ability to control others and to make things happen despite obstacles, resistance, or opposition. This, of course, leads to conflict between those who have and...

30 Oct 2020

Biography of a self-taught person - Ernest Hemingway

Financial analysis - 2 pages - Philosophy

Ernest Miller was born in 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois, in Chicago's suburbs. His mother, Grace, is a singing teacher, whereas his father, Clarence, is a doctor. Grace Hemingway gave to his son the name of her very father, a hero of the American Civil War. Ernest has four sisters and a brother:...

25 May 2020

Spaces and Exchanges - To What Extent is Leaving One's Country an Enriching Experience?

Essay - 2 pages - Philosophy

I'm going to talk about the notion of Spaces and Exchanges. All societies are defined by geographical and symbolic spaces and how they open up these spaces to what lies farther away. The notion refers to all the movements and communications between different countries through culture,...

25 Apr 2020

Oral English Baccalaureate - 5 subjects

Presentation - 6 pages - Philosophy

I am going to talk about the notion of locations and forms of power. First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of that notion. The power is strength exerted or capable of being exerted. In politics and social science, power is the ability to influence the behaviour of people. It can...

25 Apr 2020

Places and forms of power - How do people exercise their power?

Essay - 3 pages - Philosophy

I'm going to talk about the notion of 'Places and Forms of Power'. There are many places and forms of power. When people think about power, they usually associate it with kings and queens. Nevertheless, power can also be associated with the superiority of someone. But how do people...

25 Apr 2020

Myths and Heroes - Can we wonder how can an ordinary person make the world a better place?

Essay - 2 pages - Philosophy

I'm going to talk about the notion of 'Myths and heroes'. I first would like to define this notion. A myth is a fictive story in which a hero achieves great things, sacrifices himself and can give his life for the good mankind. However, a hero can also be someone who inspires others,...

14 Sep 2016

Gay rights as viewed by the utilitarianism theory

Essay - 5 pages - Philosophy

John Stuart Mill once wrote, "I apprehend, the sole evidence it is possible to produce that anything is desirable, is that people actually desire it" (42). Every person has their own view of happiness, and according to Mill's theory of utilitarianism, the greatest good comes from that which makes...

09 Sep 2016

Rene Descartes v. Thomas Nagel: perspectives on the mind and consciousness

Book review - 2 pages - Philosophy

The idea of what makes a person a person has been debated for many centuries. Many philosophers have pondered that exact question and have come up with many different and distinct possibilities. Rene Descartes and Thomas Nagel, two renowned philosophers, have written extensively on the subject,...

07 Sep 2016

Joseph: a man of God or a man of faith?

Essay - 3 pages - Philosophy

When reading a story, the way we choose to interpret it has much to do with the author's tone as well as his intention. In other words, one story can send two radically different messages based on the way that it is written. If we analyze the story of Joseph in both the Old Testament and in...

07 Sep 2016

Whether animals have rights: the perspectives of Tom Regan vs. Peter Singer

Essay - 4 pages - Philosophy

The animal rights movement is often oversimplified and mocked by many in contemporary society, and this is often a result of an unwillingness to look at the facts and the various philosophies that make up the movement. An individual caught up in the ideas of the day is often unable to think...