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16 Apr 2009

Fighting fire with fire

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Linguistics

The antebellum viewpoint on slavery remains controversial. Presaging the Civil War, a fierce political debate took place between the Southern defenders of slavery and the Northern abolitionists. The two sides argued over the political, economic, social, religious, biological, and racial...

30 Jul 2008

Linguistic adaptation, English instruction, and the second generation Latino immigrant

Tutorials/exercises - 6 pages - Linguistics

Since colonial times, the U.S. has been a nation both divided and united by its ethnic and linguistic diversity. Benjamin Franklin himself regarded the German minority of Pennsylvania as linguistically and racially inferior, yet also printed the first German newspaper in Philadelphia...

04 Jan 2008

Surf's Up, Dude: Cowabunga

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Linguistics

The mission lies before us: how are we, the American people, going to come together so that “cowabunga” is reinvigorated into mainstream conversation. It was not too terribly long ago, maybe 15 years, that this delightfully lighthearted interjection tickled the ears of various...

03 Jan 2008

A Systematic Method for Interpreting Novel Compounds

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Linguistics

A novel word is one that is not found in the lexicon of the general population; in other words, it is a word that people have not heard or seen previously. A novel compound is a compound word formed out of two or more individual known words where the combination of these words has not...

03 Jan 2008

Syntactic Movement and Locative Incorporation in Exocentric Compounds

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Linguistics

Most people will agree that there are two main types of compound words, endocentric and exocentric. Endocentric compounds are those where the rightmost constituent, called the grammatical head, is what defines the category of speech and the semantic interpretation of the word. ...

07 Dec 2007

Dialect as a Form of Identity

Tutorials/exercises - 7 pages - Linguistics

Every time a person opens his or her mouth to speak that person is speaking not only a language but a dialect of that language as well. It is a common misconception that only certain people whose pronunciations vary from what is considered Standard American English, speak a dialect....

07 Dec 2007

Similarities and Differences in Men's and Women's Cooperative Speaking Styles: An Analysis of Book Club Discussions

Tutorials/exercises - 11 pages - Linguistics

Some of the most frequently referred to but potentially erroneous stereotypes regarding gendered speaking style differences involve dichotomies. Men are competitive - women are cooperative. Men focus on impersonal topics - women focus on personal topics. Men's speech is to...

04 Dec 2007

The Connection between Crossword Puzzles and Semantics

Tutorials/exercises - 9 pages - Linguistics

When a person sits down to work on a crossword puzzle the thought probably does not cross their mind that they are calling on various forms of linguistic knowledge in solving the crossword clues. The majority of basic language knowledge and usage is an unconscious phenomenon. It has been said...