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29 Jul 2023

How does the Osman Kavala decision reveal the character of the current President and his vision for Turkey in 2021?

Dissertation - 2 pages - Political science

In October 2021, 10 ambassadors in Turkey signed a common press release to show their opposition against the decision from the court of Istanbul, which had ordered to keep in detention the political opponent, Osman Kavala, during his trial. Behind these accusations, the actual Turkish president,...

03 Feb 2011

Populism: a new challenge for the European democracies?

Dissertation - 19 pages - Political science

While Europe seemed affected by a sudden rise of populist leaders (Berlusconi in Italy, UKIP in Britain, Switzerland with Brocher, France with Le Pen and De Villiers), they were alarmed by this development. Should it be considered as an epiphenomenon of populism? The question is central to the...

17 Oct 2006

Women representation in politics: A comparative approach between France and the Nordic countries

Dissertation - 32 pages - Political science

Nowadays women are increasingly accessing to high political positions in State office. Indeed, three women recently reached the status of Head of State in different countries: Michelle Bachelet in Chile, Ellen Johnson-Sirlead in Liberia, and Tarja Halonen in Finland. Moreover, women play more...