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14 Sep 2011

Climate Change and Civilizations: Lessons from the Past

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

Anthropogenic climate change constitutes an alarming threat to the safety and health of humankind. According to a 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, some of its consequences will include heat waves, loss of biodiversity, food and water insecurity, an increase in water-...

14 Sep 2011

The speech impediment stuttering

Thesis - 10 pages - Social sciences

In our language and culture class, we had several detailed discussions regarding speech disabilities and how they affect one's performance of language and others' views on that person's comprehension of, or competence in, language. We also learned that speech impediments afflicted a larger number...

26 Aug 2011

Women in Judaism: An in-depth study of gender and religion

Essay - 7 pages - Social sciences

The role of women in Judaism is grossly misrepresented and misunderstood even as we shift into the 21st century. Until now, such a topic has never had as much stamina and opinion as it does today. People today have gone as far as stating that roles of women in Judaism are sexist; however, it is...

26 Aug 2011

Mass media: The effects on youth

Thesis - 6 pages - Social sciences

Each time a child turns on the TV, they will see or hear something that will effect their lives them in some way. It would be wise for parents to limit childrens' exposure to influential media such as the news, violent video games, and the like. Over 60% of television shows during prime time...

15 Jul 2011

The Momentum of media towards enlightenment

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

In his essay entitled ‘Was ist Aufklarung?,' Immanuel Kant explores the concept of enlightenment as it exists as an attainable state for mankind in society. In response to his title, ‘What is Enlightenment?,' Kant defines the framework of comprehension within which his insight expands;...

07 Jul 2011

Samurai - Class of military nobility in pre-industrial Japan

Essay - 2 pages - Social sciences

Samurai were members of a class of military nobility in pre-industrial Japan. They were bound by a code of honor known as “Bushido.” When roughly translated, “Bushido” means “the way of the warrior.” The Bushido was a moral code that all...

05 Jul 2011

Contemporary Moral Disputes: Abortion Argument Statement

Case study - 4 pages - Social sciences

This paper takes the stance that Cindy Richardson's fetus should be aborted. The structure of the paper is as follows: First, reasons in favor of aborting Cindy's two month old fetus will be presented. Second, reasons against aborting Cindy's fetus will be discussed, as well as rebuttals to the...

30 Jun 2011

Exploring the Genesis of the Department of Homeland Security: What Exactly Lies Within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence?

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

This report will investigate the root causes for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). To help explain the genesis of its inception, history of the Bush administration's preoccupation with securing the nation from terrorist threats or attacks will be...

30 Jun 2011

The birth date effect in children entering education systems: Is a child's self esteem compromised by being admitted overly young into the formal education system?

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

The purpose of this study is to explore the possibility that admitting too young a child into formal education systems (e.g., kindergarten, elementary school) can negatively affect that child's self-esteem in later years. Although educational psychologists agree that a young child's...

29 Jun 2011

Evaluating Allan Gibbard's views on morality and objectivity in his essay 'Moral Judgment'

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

In this paper, I wish to critically evaluate the views of Allan Gibbard related to morality and objectivity, found in his essay 'Moral Judgment and the Acceptance of Norms', and his book 'Wise Choices, Apt Feelings'. In these readings, Gibbard tackles many issues, but I...

28 Jun 2011

The Relationship between Westerners and Outsiders

Essay - 3 pages - Social sciences

The relationship between Westerners and those that they labeled “outsiders” in the early modern period was a tawdry one, rooted in the notion that the Westerner was the superior and the “outsider” the sycophant. The term “outsider” meant anyone not white, Christian,...

27 Jun 2011

Two Critiques on Forster's Belief of Hope in Hinduism

Essay - 3 pages - Social sciences

The authors Allan Findlay and Tracy Pintchman have taken on the task of interpreting E.M. Forster's intentions in his portrayal of spirituality in his novel 'A Passage to India'. The novel contains a significant amount of symbolism, word play, and deliberate characterization conveying...

27 Jun 2011

School Uniforms: Beneficial or Right Infringing?

Essay - 2 pages - Social sciences

When most people think of school uniforms, they think of stuck up private or preparatory schools with a strict and limiting dress code. They think of pressed pants, collared shirts, perfect ties, plaid skirts, clean-cut jumpers, and uncomfortable shoes. Many people are also offended by the rights...

27 Jun 2011

Different views on the 'definition of death'

Essay - 3 pages - Social sciences

What exactly is death? What is the after life? Is it even possible to define them? Pose these questions to several different people, and several different answers will be the result. Death itself and other related ideas such as the after life are presented in many...

24 Jun 2011

Teeth and their relation to one's self image

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Social sciences

Self image is important. Without a strong and resilient self image, one often suffers from self sabotaging thoughts and ideas about their life. One's teeth are an important component of self-image. Growing up, we were told by our parents and dentists to brush twice a day, floss regularly...

24 Jun 2011

The Attraction of Race, Class, and Poverty for Pro-Business' Choice in Undesirable Land Usage

Thesis - 8 pages - Social sciences

The primary focus of the term paper is to explore why communities of color and other related politico-social neighborhoods are seemingly fair game for pro-business usage of these lands as toxic dump sites or for other environmentally harmful industries. While it seems logical that...

23 Jun 2011

A Sociological perspective of poverty in Urban America

Essay - 3 pages - Social sciences

During the course of this report, we will investigate leading theoretical reasons behind the poverty of minorities in urban locales. A multi-level or holistic approach as to how neighborhoods of the inner-city became poor may provide much wanted evidence as to the...

09 Jun 2011

The Role of Black Artists in African American Culture

Thesis - 4 pages - Social sciences

Throughout the Harlem Renaissance, blacks were creating new ways to identify themselves both individually and as a part of a new, developing culture within America. While some black writers used their work to identify their race as a separate entity, others used their writing to expose the social...

09 Jun 2011

'Nightingale' & Loss of True Meaning

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

Cultural constructions are constantly creating realities as representations go from fiction to fact in the minds of society. In terms of Coleridge's “Nightingale,” the same is true as one interpretation of the bird's song creates a personification that becomes not only true for that...

08 Jun 2011

Importance of food in the Jewish culture: Research writing

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

Food is, and always has been, a recurring theme throughout Jewish life, culture, and tradition. All services, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, holidays, etc. commence with diverse and suitable meals. This culinary theme, which stays apparent throughout an entire Jewish year,...

23 May 2011

Impact of fallacies on rational thinking

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

A fallacy is a defect weakening a particular argument or a form of reasoning error (Garssen & Meuffels, 2009). It pertains to arguments specifically or reasoning used in an effort to lay rational basis or ground for an opinion or view. Correct arguments follow the sound reason principles...

16 May 2011

To what extent can white people be blamed for the African slave trade?

Thesis - 1 pages - Social sciences

Before the Atlantic trade and probably before the trans-Saharan trade, slavery existed in Africa as in every other ancient society. However, if we consider the intensity and the conditions of life associated with the trades, the Atlantic trade is a fundamentally new system that did not...

03 May 2011

Organized Sports for Children and Pre-Adolescents: Genuine Fun or do the 'Cons' Outweigh the 'Pros'?

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

The advantages and disadvantages of sports for children has been a topic of debate among parents, sports lovers, health professionals and sociologists. The main question being asked, is do the “pros really outweigh the cons”? Could the benefits of exercise, opportunity for...

03 May 2011

Right of Rebellion: Thomas Hobbes vs. John Locke

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were two prominent political thinkers. Although both advocated theories of social contracts and natural law, they have distinct views on human nature, laws of nature, and why a civil society should be formed. In particular, both Hobbes and Locke differ in how...

16 Apr 2011

Discussing the idea of America as E Pluribus Unum or E Pluribus Pluribus using Mexican-American immigrants as an example.

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

History has shown that America is made up of many people. The original people of this continent are the Native Americans. Then we have the English immigrants and Irish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Polish, Russian and immigrants of other countries. One by one they have integrated themselves into...

04 Apr 2011

Cultural Relativism: Female Genital Mutilation

Essay - 2 pages - Social sciences

Anthropology defines cultural relativism as the unbiased viewpoint of a culture different from one's own. The concept of pure culture relativism is a nearly impossible concept to incorporate into one's belief system because one can never fully separate oneself from his cultural identity;...

30 Mar 2011

Question of wage discrepancies between professional women and men

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

Women earn, on average, 20% less than what men earn in western nations. It was not until 1920, across North America, that women were given the right to vote. Today, more women than men are enrolled in professional, post degree programs in Canada and the United States. Today, women comprise 46% of...

21 Mar 2011

Cultural question of wage discrepancies between professional women and men

Thesis - 4 pages - Social sciences

Women earn, on average, 20% less than what men earn in North America. It was not until 1920, across North America, that women were given the right to vote. Today, more women than men are enrolled in professional post degree programs in Canada and the United States. Today, women comprise 46% of...

03 Feb 2011

The fate of immigrants: Emmanuel Todd

Book review - 7 pages - Social sciences

Emmanuel Todd is a historian, demographer and French anthropologist who gained popularity owing to his work on the Soviet system; he had predicted its collapse years before it took place, and more recently, he had predicted collapse of the American Empire. In ‘The...

03 Feb 2011

Social Security in Algeria

Course material - 9 pages - Social sciences

On the eve of colonization of Algeria by France, the concepts of public health and social security barely existed. The colonial regime of the time introduced Social Security in Algeria to organize the medical benefits of military settlers and for the Algerian Workers' Algerians service....