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24 Aug 2010


Presentation - 15 pages - Social sciences

Adverse consequences are alcohol-related problems in such areas as physical health, psychological functioning, interpersonal functioning, occupational functioning, and legal, financial, and spiritual problems. Denial to include a range of psychological maneuvers designed to reduce awareness of...

21 Feb 2010

In defense of food

Presentation - 22 pages - Social sciences

Half of us believe high - calorie foods eaten in small amounts contain more calories than low - calorie foods eaten in much larger amounts. A third of us believe that an absolutely fat free diet is better for us than a diet containing the smallest amount of fat. If you're alone on an island for a...

06 Apr 2009

Improving the impact of social marketing

Presentation - 16 pages - Social sciences

This presentation will start with a few statistics on health, safety, environment and the community. It will then move onto some social marketing events before talking about some of the agencies involved in social marketing. It will then talk of the major approaches and go into the planning...

20 Feb 2009

Social work: Board presentation

Presentation - 28 pages - Social sciences

The illness impacts ability to seek/obtain care, nutrition, transportation, maintain housing, etc. Individual medical crisis impacts multiple systems: family, friends, neighbors, employer/ co-workers, schools, taxpayers, social services, national economy, etc. Care givers often need Social Work...